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Zakiah Suhaimi

Zakiah Suhaimi

PhD Student

PhD Title: Exploring the Relationship between Interaction Capabilities and SMEs’ Participation in High Value Manufacturing Supply Chains


What was your background and why did you decide to study for a PhD at WMG?

Prior to my PhD, I had been working for 6 years within the manufacturing industry. I decided to pursue a PhD, because I love to explore and learn new things, and it was always my ambition. I chose to do my PhD at WMG because of my supervisor’s area of knowledge and expertise, as well as Warwick being a top university, renowned internationally for the collaboration between WMG and industry.

Tell us about your research project… _

My research project examined whether interaction capabilities could act as an enabler for UK small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to increase their participation in high value manufacturing (HVM) supply chains (SCs). The project used a survey questionnaire to obtain data from UK SMEs. Based on the survey results, further data collection from interviews with two companies was used to seek a deeper understanding. The outcome of the project would help UK SMEs to focus on the right set of capabilities in order to increase participation in HVM SCs.

What have you enjoyed most during your research degree?

The good atmosphere and the diversity of the academic community – you have your own space as an international student, and you feel included too.

What are your plans after completing your research degree?

To be an academic, either doing a Postdoc, or teaching.

What would you say to someone considering to do a research degree?

Do your own research first, in terms of what you want to study and why. Get advice from academics and students. Understand what you really want to do and make an informed decision.