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Human Behaviour in Cyber Systems

Learn to:
  • Design, implement, and evaluate an interface for a well-defined community of users to interact with an application to achieve worthwhile user objectives

  • Analyse the relationship between the human-computer interface, user behaviour, and cyber security consequences

Why is this important?

One of the most significant challenges in the cyber domain is the transfer of meaning between the fully human agent, and the fully digital sub-system. Failure to correctly align human behaviour with computing sub-system behaviour has contributed to numerous, historic cyber security problems.

Human-computer interaction (HCI) is concerned with designing the interactions between human activities and the computational systems that support them, as well as constructing interfaces to afford those interactions. Interaction occurs at an interface that includes both software and hardware, and human behaviour should influence interface design and implementation of core functionality. For end-users, the interface is the system, so design in this domain must be interaction-focused, and human-centred and that human behaviour with regard to cyber security is addressed.


This module places the person at the centre of the cyber domain.

Module content will cover:

  • foundations
  • designing interaction
  • programming interactive systems
  • user-centred design and testing
  • human factors and security

Delivery and assessment

10 half-day sessions will be regularly spaced across Year 2. Within each half day session, there will be a mix of lecture, tutorial and practical activity.

Assessment is 100% coursework for this module.

Essential information

Entry Requirements
A level: AAB (STEM subjects preferred)
IB: 36 points (STEM subjects preferred), with a minimum of 4 in English


Degree of Bachelor of Science (BSc)

3 years full time (30 weeks per academic year)

Tuition fees
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