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Stress Analysis

Module aims

  • To design new products or optimise existing ones, stress analysis is a key tool to investigate the possibility of using new materials, new geometries or a combination of these two.
  • By continuing the applications of the mechanics of materials theories, the participants acquire the ability to determine the structure's response to external mechanical actions, the resulting deformations and the state of stress and strain produced into the structure's components.
  • They also learn to predict and prevent common forms of structural static failure in basic engineering components.
  • This module deals with specialist knowledge of stress analysis as applied to the design of mechanical systems within the automotive, aerospace and product development industry. It will enable the participants to carry out both analytical and numerical methodologies while enhancing their capabilities in utilising engineering packages.

By the end of this module students will be able to:

  • Appreciate the concepts of Stress and strain as a result of external action/s on mechanical systems.
  • Implement stress analysis approach to design based on failure criteria for structural analysis or product development in a wide range of industrial sectors.
  • Further comprehend the general principles of solid mechanics through the use of equilibrium, compatibility and constitutive relations applied to a variety of engineering problems and competence to analyse typical engineering design and analysis problems.
  • Introduce and develop an industrial-oriented application of the principles of static equilibrium applied to elementary strength of materials stress analysis systems and apply them to solve analytical solutions to axial, bending, shear and combined loading systems.
  • Review the applications of the linear Theory of Elasticity to practical design problems and identify the limitations of these theories and understand the material behaviour within and beyond their elastic limit.
  • Criticise designs based on the stress analysis approach.