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Materials and Manufacturing Processes

Module aims:

  • This module will outline the main materials and processes used to manufacture products and will align as closely as possible with aspects of the Design Module. Students need to understand the relationship between the properties of these materials, the processes and product design.
  • The module will cover the main classes of metals, polymers, ceramics, electronic materials and composites with an emphasis on understanding structure property relationships and the resulting constraints on manufacturing process.
  • The module will cover the main primary (shaping and joining) processes as well as some secondary manufacturing processes used in the design and creation of commercial products from these materials.

At the end of the module the student should be able to:

  • Understand basic material science from an engineering perspective. In particular students will be able to make the link between the material structure (atomic, micro and macro scale) and the key properties that they affect.
  • They will be able to describe these properties and their origin, and be able to describe how the structure/property relationship can be exploited to enhance the utility of the materials.
  • Students will also understand the main primary manufacturing processes and be able to select the best process for a given product, while demonstrating an understanding of how the shape, material and process(es) place constraints on one another.