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Beyond the classroom

Your student experience

We believe that it is important for you to make the most out of your student experience, both within academic and social contexts. Through WMG's programme of extra-curricular activities and dedicated support, you'll enhance your CV, develop academic skills, network with businesses and get to know your fellow students.

academic support

Academic Support

We provide extensive support to strengthen your academic and research skills through our Study, Professional, and Analytical Skills programme (SPA).

You will follow an in depth course on Moodle, the Universities Virtual Learning Platform dedicated to academic writing, critical thinking, analysing data, designing research methodology, and preparing you for professional life by teaching you how to market your skills to employers and training you in key skills that you can utilise in the workplace.

Find out more about the content that you will cover by visiting our Academic Support page.


Careers and Employability

Networking, and developing yourself professionally, is a core part of your Master's journey, As well as having access to Warwick's Student Careers and Skills service, WMG also arranges bespoke careers events and support to further your professional development.

You’ll also be able to follow set programmes like WMG Skills+ and the WMG Virtual Careers Programme to guide you through your self-development, as well as access one-to-one support on topics such as CVs, job applications and cover letters.

Discover more about the support on offer by reading our Careers and Employability page.

extra curricular

Extracurricular Activities

We encourage you to make the most of your time beyond the classroom, and to get to know your peers. So, each year, in addition to the wealth of opportunities available through Warwick SU, WMG hosts a busy programme of social events and activities to foster a sense of belonging amongst the student community and to enhance your wellbeing.

Past events have included quiz nights, escape rooms, movie nights, sports activities, seasonal events, cooking competitions, yoga and more.

You’ll also have the opportunity to be a course rep on the Student-Staff Liaison Committee (SSLC). Here you’ll represent your coursemates at meetings where you can discuss potential improvements to your course and be part of consultations with WMG.

Find out more about the opportunities available on our Extracurricular Activities page.

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