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Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular Activities

During your time at WMG there are a huge range of opportunities for you to get involved in activities outside the classroom, whether you're looking for something social or a way of getting more involved in the student community.

Social events

Every year the WMG Student Experience team is very active in organising a busy schedule of social events designed to bring you together and make sure that you have a range of fun activities to get involved in.

Previous events have centred around a variety of themes: seasonal events like the Christmas ball, visits to Christmas markets and summer barbecues are always hugely popular. Competitions like our talent show, cooking competitions and photo competitions are also great fun, giving you a chance not only to showcase your talents, but also to win prizes. We also give you the chance to team up with each other through events such as treasure hunts and escape rooms.

For a chance to relax and unwind a little, monthly movie nights are on offer (popcorn and drinks included) alongside some of the dedicated wellness events that are organised, such as yoga and mindfulness classes. Other social events have included afternoon tea and regular breakfast clubs, and the Student Experience Team are always open to your suggestions for new events to be organised.*


Several times a month there are also opportunities to get involved with social sports activities, such as squash, indoor cricket, basketball and exercise classes. All equipment is provided, so it's a really easy way to stay fit and make new friends. This is in addition to all the sports opportunities available through the Sports and Wellness Hub on campus, a state-of-the-art sports centre that includes a gym, fitness studios, pool, climbing centre, multi-purpose sports halls and more.

Become a Course Rep

The Student-Staff Liaison Committee (or SSLC) is made up of staff and peer-elected student representatives from each course. Regular meetings are held to discuss potential improvements to courses, student support and resources. As a course representative, you will attend these meetings with academic staff while liaising with your coursemates throughout the year. It’s a great way to input into the university community and its activities.


The Warwick Students' Union is home to over 250 different societies, covering academic, campaigning, cultural and social activities, as well as over 60 different sports clubs. In addition to being a fantastic opportunity to take part in a diverse range of activities, you'll also have a chance to become an Exec member: every society is run by a student Executive Committee, giving you a chance to broaden you skillset and build valuable skills while getting more involved in an activity that you're passionate about.

The WMG Society is no exception to this: run entirely by WMG students, it's a great way to socialise with your peers. You’ll be able to put yourself forwards for a variety of roles on the Exec Team, such as team leader, treasurer and marketing and social media coordinator, as well as take part in organising events for your fellow students. Not only are these great fun, but they’re also a fantastic addition to your CV to show your involvement in the WMG community.

Through the Students' Union you can also get involved in summits. These are student-run conferences that often involve guest speakers, workshops and networking opportunities, such as the IMPACT Summit for aspiring entrepreneurs, the Women's Summit and regionally-focused events like the Africa Summit and the China Summit.

*Please note: due to Covid-19, some events may take place online and will only be provided face-to-face where UK Government advice on health and safety can be followed.