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Please complete this form if you have not received an accommodation offer from the University Accommodation Office and you would like WMG to try to help you find private accommodation.

This is not usually the responsibility of the WMG Department, however given the shortfall in university managed accommodation the department is trying to help the situation by viewing private houses on behalf of students arriving from overseas.

If you have already been allocated accommodation or have found accommodation privately, please do not complete this form.

If you have spare rooms in your accommodation that could be suitable for other WMG students, please email: Cathy Fawcett: with the subject line ACCOMMODATION. We will try to match students to available accommodation.
Thank you. We will try to find suitable accommodation for you.

Due to the situation, please note that if we at WMG are able to offer you a property with a private landlord, we hold no responsibility for your ongoing relationship with that landlord or property. This will be a private arrangement.

If you decline a property, you will then go to the end of the list for assistance.

As of 7th September, there are around 800 Warwick postgraduates without accommodation, around 200 from WMG.

PLEASE email me if after completing the form you receive accommodation or find your own so I can take you off the list.
Privacy statement
The data on this form is being used by WMG in order to connect you with estate agents, private landlords and other students. It won't be used for any other purpose.
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