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Anjali Raj


IAE Graduate 2013-14


“You’re taught how to apply theory in actual business situations.”  

What were you doing before you came to WMG?

I was studying in Hyderabad and I began to develop my idea for a new business. I was interested in helping women be fit, happy and healthy during pregnancy and my idea was based around this. I trained in Childbirth Education and interned with Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship within IIITH. It became clear that to turn my concept into a successful business, I needed to develop my knowledge and skills. I looked into a number of postgraduate programmes but WMG’s was clearly the best for me.

anjali_raj22Did you enjoy your time at WMG?

Yes I did. It was wonderful to be part of such a diverse group of bright minded people from right across the world. Everybody there was ambitious and keen to share their knowledge and different experiences. Just being in such a group was an amazing experience.

Did the course live up to your expectations?

It was far better than I expected. The subjects we covered in each module were all directly relevant and gave me the skills and understanding I needed to set up and run a new enterprise. These spanned a whole range of diverse areas from establishing a business model and leadership to sales and finance. I was constantly learning and stretching my horizons.

Did anything about the course surprise you?


For me, the most important thing about this programme is that it focuses on the practical application of ideas. Each module covers the theoretical aspect of each subject, but what matters is that you’re taught how to apply that theory in actual business situations. The simulations helped a lot and they really brought the ideas to life. I had never learned this way before and it was a surprising aspect of the course.

What did you do when you finished your course?

I travelled back to India and worked for a year as a childbirth and lactation educator for a healthcare company, which gave me some good practical experience. In December 2016, I took my business - I Love 9 Months - to market. It’s India’s first prenatal and postnatal fitness and support services mobile app, offering pregnant women daily exercise routine videos, expert advice, range of trackers, and more. We also partner with hospitals and corporates to deliver workshops and tailored programmes. It’s early days for the business, but it has been very successful so far. What I learned at WMG has been extremely valuable throughout the planning and start-up phases. In fact, I’ve used just about everything that I was taught to get the enterprise up and running.

Why did you decide to study for a PhD?

I wanted to further my research in health sciences and was offered a place at Warwick Medical School. What I’m doing is closely related to my business so it seemed like an opportunity I could not afford to miss. I love being part of the Warwick community and it’s good to back here.

Is there any advice you would give to someone thinking of studying at WMG?

I would say that everything is there to help you succeed in your studies and maximise the impact that your learning can have on your professional life. You have to grasp what is on offer and make the most of it though. The experience you have at Warwick depends on you. Take every opportunity that’s there and you will have a wonderful time that will change your life.