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Nehir Aysel


EBM Student 2016-17


“The campus is filled with bright minded people from all around the world”

nehir_1“The people here make the WMG experience so amazing,” said Nehir Aysel when we spoke to her as she neared the completion of her MSc in Engineering Business Management. “One of the first things I noticed when I arrived is the friendly atmosphere. The campus is filled with bright minded people from all around the world, and everyone is willing to help each other and learn from each other.”

Nehir clearly had an enjoyable year, so what brought her to WMG in the first place? “After gaining a Technology and Business related degree” in Turkey in 2011, I travelled to London to improve my English language skills and take a couple of short courses. I really liked the UK and decided to set up my own fashion design business, which I ran until 2016.

At that point, I felt it was time to broaden my horizons and develop the knowledge I needed to take my career forward. With its mix of technical, business and management subjects, WMG’s course was perfectly matched to my background and my future aspirations.”

Real commercial situations

After attending an open day and finding out more about the university and the course, Nehir decided to join us and began her studies in October 2016.

She soon noticed that the learning style is very different from anything she had experienced before, with less of a focus on simply learning theory, and more of a focus on finding out how to apply that theory in a practical business context.nehir_2

“We did cover the theoretical concepts in depth,” she explained. “For example, in the Financial Analysis and Control Systems module, we looked at financial modelling, reporting, cash flow, costing and budgetary management. But then we moved on to simulations where we would work in small groups to use this information to make decisions in real commercial situations.

“There was a competition with the groups to see who could devise the best solution which made it enjoyable and fun. Working in a team with students from different backgrounds and cultures was a great learning experience, but more than anything else, these simulations helped me to absorb the knowledge fully. It’s not like just listening to a lecture or reading a book, making notes and then trying to remember it all. The information goes deeper and stays there. You gain a lot more by learning this way.”

Nehir also mentioned the regular guest lecturers from industry who came in to teach on her course. “They were all very valuable and gave us all a good insight into industry and how companies are meeting today’s challenges. I loved the fact that we could ask questions, get into conversations and learn as much as possible from them.”

nehir_4Having recently gained UK nationality, Nehir is now busy applying for jobs. “The knowledge I have gained is definitely helping in my applications,” she said. “WMG has a terrific reputation, so just having that at the top of my CV is helping me get past the first stage and hopefully soon into my dream role!”

Nehir even returned to WMG at the start of this academic year to speak to our current cohort and share her experiences of studying for a full-time MSc with us. Here is a photograph of her talking to our students.