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Cloud and Machine Learning Engineering | MSc e-Business Management

For digital companies (and many traditional companies), machine learning and cloud computing promise to be (arguably) the two most important and potentially transformative technologies of the 21st Century. Whilst neither of these concepts are not necessarily new, in recent years both fields have seen something of a revolution in terms of innovation and adoption. While they are independent, in practice the two are closely linked. Cloud computing has provided the technology and computing power to fully realise the potential of machine learning; while machine learning methods represent the natural partner for the analysis of the vast datasets many modern companies store in their distributed, cloud database systems.

This specialism will prepare students with the necessary knowledge of cloud computing systems (including distributed data architectures, DevOps and cloud native computing) and modern, full-stack machine learning projects (including data engineering, artificial intelligence and MLOps). Note, as an engineering-based specialism there will be a much greater emphasis on programming and software development, and enrolees would be expected to have or acquire some foundation in these topics. This could be an undergraduate degree or work experience in a computing related topic, or other forms of training.

Course Modules

As part of this specialism, students will take a total of 120 CATs worth of modules, as listed below.

  • e-Business Fundamentals
  • Enterprise e-Commerce Solutions
  • Big Data Technology and Visualisation
  • Machine Learning and Data Engineering
  • Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning
  • Cloud Native Computing
  • Digital & Data Science Consultancy
  • Study, Professional and Analytical Skills

Research Project

The research element is worth 33% of your final grade (60 CATs). This project supports you in developing your personal research skills. If you opt for the Cloud & Machine Learning Engineering specialism, your project should focus on management or technology-related issues in companies involved with cloud computing and/or machine learning.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of our e-Business Cloud and Machine Learning Engineering specialism will typically progress into careers with a focus on data engineering, building data pipelines, DevOps engineering, data science / machine learning engineering, and/or cloud engineering.

Typical roles could include:

  • Data Scientist
  • Machine Learning Engineering
  • MLOps Engineer
  • Data Engineer
  • Solutions Architect
  • DevOps Engineer
  • Cloud Engineer
  • Artificial Intelligence Specialist