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MBE is an innovative Master's degree in Management, designed for those who want to become effective leaders and managers of business excellence in industry.

It is suitable for high achievers who want to be challenged in the way they think about business management and problem solving. The course is all about understanding how organisations work; it takes a holistic look at organisations, the inter-relationships between departments within them, and how to optimise the use of available resources.

Upon graduation, you’ll be ready to progress the capabilities of organisations, by making decisions on improvement, and by understanding how these decisions will affect departments within the business.

Designed to deliver a detailed understanding of the philosophies, strategies, processes and techniques that enable change and deliver business excellence, this course will provide you with a distinctly different learning experience to what you will have previously been used to.

The style of learning is active. You will make choices about what you wish to learn and you will decide how best to achieve your learning objectives; all of this will be facilitated by our expert MBE course tutors. Teamwork plays a central role throughout the course. By working collaboratively with your international colleagues, you’ll develop a rich, global perspective.

Through classroom simulations, you’ll generate credible and practical solutions to real-business problems. Most importantly, you’ll learn to think critically about topics and issues that come to the fore; challenging views and growing both as an individual and as a leader of business.

Using a range of blended learning approaches, including e-learning, students are provided with a rich learning environment in which you will develop a deep understanding of content. The programme is supported by tutorials and seminars to discuss and explore web-based content.

Special Admission Requirements for MBE

Students for Management for Business Excellence are individually selected by the MBE course leader and designer, Mr Paul Roberts. If you are applying for this course, your personal statement must answer these five specific questions about your motivation for study. You can read more about this on the 'Entry Requirements' tab above.

Watch our Course Leader's video explanation of MSc Management for Business Excellence below:

Tuesday, 01 January 2019

Course content

Course modules

You'll be required to take the following modules as part of this MSc programme:

Elective modules

You will need to choose one elective module from the full module list, which should be chosen to supplement your course modules above. Elective modules are subject to availability and restrictions apply.

Please note: the modules outlined above represent those available for this course in the 2020/21 academic year. They should be regarded as an illustrative guide to modules available in future years.

You are required to pass nine modules in total for this MSc course. MBE coursework will be formatively assessed. This means that you will be required to pass your modules, and you will be given feedback on the strengths of the work and areas for improvement, but no mark will be awarded.

Follow these links for recommended elective modules and their thematic links to the European Excellence Model which provides the framework for the degree.


Your project is worth 100% of your final grade and supports you in developing your personal research skills.

For Management of Business Excellence, the research-based project allows further integration of understanding.

Learning style

The aim of the MBE learning environment is to help you to develop critical autonomy and achievement of deep learning.

This course is rich in applied exercises guided by the MBE tutor team, all of whom are acknowledged experts in their fields. This course makes widespread use of e-learning to provide a rich learning environment, respond to all students' needs, stimulate teamwork, and develop a deep understanding of content.

Support is through tutorials and seminars to discuss and explore web-based content, and leads participants to understand contexts and real-world application of theories, principles and techniques alike. See here for more information about the course structure.

Friday, 01 February 2019

Entry requirements

Entry requirements

In order to meet our academic entry requirement, you should have obtained the minimum of a UK second class honours degree (or equivalent) in a variety of disciplines.

Typically students will have a background in engineering, business management, finance or economics, but MBE is open to graduates from any academic background.

Special Admission Requirement for MBE

Students for Management for Business Excellence are individually selected by the MBE course leader and designer, Mr Paul Roberts. If you are applying for this course, your personal statement must answer five specific questions about your motivation for study. These five questions are used by the course leader in place of an interview so it is important that you are able to impress him through your answers. The questions can be found here. You should submit your answers using the 'Personal Statement' section of your online application, or upload it as a document attached to your application. *Please do not email this document to us*

It is important for you to have a good understanding of the course and learning environment before you make your application. Please read as widely as possible because MBE is a very distinctive programme and you need to demonstrate a good understanding of this to be offered a place.

Click here to view the five MBE admissions questions

English language

For non-native English speakers, we require an IELTS score of 6.5 (with no less than 6.0 in any one component).

What you will need to apply

  • A completed application form and application fee.
  • A Personal Statement (which answers five specific questions - see above), which can be included in the online application.
  • A scan of your transcript (marksheet). If you are still studying, send us your transcripts to date. NB: if you are made an offer, we will then require your original degree transcripts and certificate in hard copy format to clear your conditions.
  • English test result (if applicable) - this can be submitted after you have an offer.
  • One reference. If you completed studies less than 2 years ago, this should be an academic reference. If you graduated more than 2 years ago, we will accept professional references. We contact your referee directly, so please include their valid professional email address on your application form.

You can read more about the application process on our how to apply page.

Friday, 01 March 2019

Student views

What our students say...

MBE_student1Sybella Namirembe

"The practical focus of the course was something I noticed right from the first module. It wasn’t just theoretical learning. The group exercises and simulations meant that you could put the theory to work and to solve actual business issues. That way, you don’t just absorb information, but find out how to apply it, which is extremely valuable". ~ Read more from Sybella

MBE_student2Carina Latz

"What I loved was the strong focus on collaborative learning all the way through the programme. We had a very wide mix of people, 23 students from 16 countries, all with different backgrounds and experiences, so we were all able to learn a lot from each other. For me, that in itself was a marvellous experience that taught me as much about life as it did about business management.” ~ Read more from Carina

MBE_student3Saisha Singh

"Each of the modules was outstanding in its own right. Together they helped me build a deep and well-rounded understanding of leadership, business and technology. More than that though, they gave me the confidence to know that I can go out into industry, challenge conventional thinking about management and drive change.” ~ Read more from Saisha

Want to read more student views?

Find out what our current students think about studying at WMG Master's, by checking out our blogs and vlogs page. You can also read our alumni stories by taking a look at our alumni profiles page.

Monday, 01 April 2019


Employability and career prospects

As an MBE graduate, you will learn to successfully drive change within an organisation and deliver business excellence from a whole-company perspective. The broad skillset gained will allow you to become an effective leader, able to make key decisions on business improvement by optimising resources and assessing the impact of your decisions across an organisation.

Following graduation, you can expect to develop your career within consultancy, management, or business development. A lot of our MBE graduates have been employed in roles such as:

  • Management Consultant
  • Quality Manager
  • Business Development Manager
  • New Product Development Manager
  • Process Improvement Engineer
  • Quality Assurance Manager
  • HR Manager
  • Customer Service Manager
  • Senior Planner

With further experience, you can then expect to obtain a key executive role and be responsible for leading strategy and policy. Many of our alumni now have well-established careers, which they attribute to their foundation in MBE:

  • Head of Strategy and Performance Development
  • Corporate Finance Executive
  • Director of Management Consulting
  • Head of Budget and International Fundraising
  • Business Solutions Architect

As the set of skills learned on this course can be applied to businesses across sectors, our MBE graduates have secured positions with a very diverse set of employers, some examples of which you can find below:

  • Banking (World Bank Group, Bank of China, Worldpay, HSBC, CitiBank Brazil)
  • Consultancy (Ernst & Young, KPMG)
  • Consumer goods (Proctor & Gamble, Unilever, L’Oréal)
  • Food and drink (Nestlé, Danone)
  • Higher Education (DePaul University, The American University in Cairo)
  • IT (Google)
  • Logistics (UPS, Kuehne & Nagel)
  • Oil and gas (Petrobras, SOCAR)
  • Pharmaceuticals (AstraZeneca, Pfizer)
  • Technology and manufacturing (Siemens, Philips, Rolls-Royce)
  • Transport (Emirates, Network Rail, EasyJet)

On a daily basis, MBE graduate Ewa Grzesiuk is applying the management, leadership, and problem-solving skills she developed on the course in her role as a Senior Planner with Jaguar Land Rover.

“My challenge is to enable the complex system of engineering work-streams, supplier interaction, prototypes builds, and testing to be delivered on time. I ensure each piece of the puzzle is compatible, complete and synchronised to be at the right place at the right time, as any minor deviation will impact the smoothness of delivery, quality of event and ultimately cost. Keeping the team aligned to the plan and committed to delivering is the ultimate challenge.”

You can read more about Ewa's role in her alumni story.

WMG: a department embedded in industry

You'll be studying in an environment surrounded by professionals from a range of industries and sectors; including hearing directly from industry experts and guest speakers in many of our modules.

Throughout the year, we also host activities and events that will help you to understand potential career pathways including; seminars; external speakers; industrial visits; alumni talks and more. We encourage our students to make the most of the opportunities available to learn about career options for the future.

Warwick Careers Service

The University of Warwick's Careers Service offers specific careers support to WMG students, through a dedicated Careers Advisor, Siobhan Qadir. The service provides practical workshops and 1-1 appointments for our students covering many aspects of career choice and development, including: how to build a strong CV and write job applications; effective career planning and guidance; and how to enhance your interview and networking skills.

Additionally, each year, employers have a presence on campus, with careers fairs, presentations and guest lectures happening on a regular basis; meaning you'll have lots of exposure to potential employers.

There are also various events run throughout the year to develop your skillset and teach you how to market this to employers. Individual workshops are hosted on a variety of topics, such as networking and time management. Or for those interested in a more complete programme, you can partake in awards such as WMG Skills+ to develop your core employability skills, or the Intercultural Training Programme to strengthen your intercultural awareness. In addition, there is a wealth of online material available to help strengthen your industrial knowledge and build on employability skills, such as the WMG Virtual Careers Programme. Find out more about the support available to you by visiting our Careers and Employability page.


We hope that your relationship with WMG and the University of Warwick will continue long after your graduate. The university and the department both have vast alumni networks and, upon graduation, you'll be a member of this ever-growing community of professionals working in countries around the world. You'll have access to our alumni support; events; e-mentoring scheme; amongst many other opportunities.

You can read about more about the careers and experiences of our alumni on our alumni profiles web pages.

      Wednesday, 01 May 2019


      Please note, this is course information for 2021 entry. We will be updating our web pages at the end of September to reflect the latest course information for 2022 entry. Applications for 2022 entry will open from mid-October.

      The framework for this course is the European Excellence Model, created to help organisations develop towards the achievement of sustainable excellence. Learn the critical-thinking and management skills required to become an effective leader of business excellence.


      *Applications will close prior to the deadline if capacity on this course is reached. Early application is strongly recommended.