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WMG Full-time Masters Programmes: Deposits

Welcome to the WMG Masters Programme Deposit Payment System.
Please use this form to make a deposit payment for the course on which you have been offered a place.

As an offer holder, you are required by WMG to make a deposit payment by 15th May 2019 in order to secure your place on the course. Unfortunately, failure to pay by this date, will result in your offer being withdrawn.
The deposit payment is set against your tuition fees for your course.

Home/EU fee payers are required to pay a deposit of £750.
Overseas fee payers are required to pay a deposit of £1500. This will be reflected on your CAS

The deposit is refundable if you are unable to meet the conditions of your offer. You will be required to demonstrate that you have made every effort to meet your conditions. Please refer to our full Refund Policy for detailed information.

Please fill out the form below, ensuring that you select the course for which you have an offer, and including the email address you used on your course application and your Warwick ID number.

If studying with us depends on you successfully securing a scholarship through a specific funding body, we may waiver your deposit requirement. Please include details of the scholarship for which you have applied/which you have been awarded.
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This form is used for collecting deposit payments for full-time Masters' courses at WMG. Any information supplied is used by administrative staff solely for the purpose of verifying that deposits have been paid.
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