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Video Personal Statement

Use this page to submit a video of your personal statement. You should only submit a video statement if you have been specifically instructed to do so by the WMG Admissions team. As with a written statement, your video statement should

  1. Clearly explain why you want to study the course you have selected
  2. Show that you understand our course
  3. Tell us a bit about you and why you'd be a good student

Please note the following points carefully before you record your statement:

  1. Your video must be at least 1 minute long, but no more than 3 minutes long.
  2. It must be you (i.e. the WMG applicant) visible in the video and it must be you speaking. You must not under any circumstances use a stand-in for video or audio.
  3. You are not being judged on the quality of the video footage, so a smartphone camera or webcam are perfectly adequate. However, your whole face must be clearly visible so we can be certain it is you speaking.
  4. Try to record your statement in a quiet, well-lit environment. Stairwells, restaurants or busy streets are not ideal.
  5. If you wish to edit your footage, that is fine; you do not have to do the whole statement in one go.
  6. Do not simply read pre-prepared material. This is absolutely vital. Instead, make notes, practice and deliver your statement in an engaging way as if you were presenting to an audience. Feel free to use your imagination!
  7. Do not re-use any portions of your written statement of purpose that we have already rejected.
  8. You can edit other material into your video (images or other footage) if you wish, but this is not a requirement. If you decide to edit the footage, there must be a section that clearly shows it is you speaking.
  9. Please do not add background music to your video.

We will not publish your video anywhere. It will be used for internal purposes only.

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Privacy statement
The data on this form relates to your submission of a video file for consideration by the WMG Admissions Team. The date and time of your submission, your identity and the video you have submitted will all be stored, but will not be used for any purpose other than considering your case. We will not publish the video to any video sharing website; it will be used only for internal consideration of your case. If we offer you a place on our courses, we may retain the video to ensure the person depicted is the applicant.