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Enrolment, arrival and registration

Online Enrolment

If you are starting your studies in September 2019, then you should receive an email about enrolment from September onwards. Note - you must have an unconditional offer to enrol; students who require a Tier 4 visa must also have their visa details. The first stage of enrolment is online and involves uploading a photo of yourself for your Uni-ID card.

WMG Registration

Registration at WMG will be on Wednesday 25th September and Thursday 26th September 2019. You are asked to register at a specific time for your MSc course - details are available here.

Registration at WMG is compulsory (and is separate from enrolment and visa checks with the University) and you should make every effort to register on time as there are compulsory sessions that you should attend. Please note, the latest we will accept you onto any of our courses is Monday 30th September 2019, so you must be at the University by this date.

Registration usually takes 2-3 hours. You will be given your WMG induction timetable and will then have your first introductory lecture with an academic tutor, which will take approximately an hour. The following week will be taken up with WMG induction events and lectures.

If you know you will arrive after 26th September, it is essential that you inform us using the late arrivals form. There are limits to lateness. If you are arriving late, you must still register with us when you get here. If you are an overseas student, you must have a visa valid for study before we will accept you onto the course.

You must make every effort to arrive at Warwick by the start of term (Monday 30th September 2019). We will try to be accommodating, but we reserve the right to refuse to accept you onto the course if you arrive late.

Warwick Welcome 2019

Information on Warwick Welcome Week can be found on the web page here . During Welcome Week, the team run a fantastic programme of events and activities in partnership with the Students' Union, designed to help you settle in, make friends and adapt to life at Warwick.

  • Settle into university-life
  • Make friends
  • Understand what is expected of you, as students, on your degree programme
  • Understand the breadth of Warwick’s offer (both opportunities and support)
  • Learn your way around
  • Adapt to life in a new country and new environment
  • Be prepared for day one of term

More information will be made available to students in the coming months, however, we strongly recommend that you attend the entirety of Welcome Week to make settling in and adjusting to the University of Warwick a little easier. The interactive Welcome Week timetable will be live for students to access in early September.

For further information about Warwick Welcome, visit:

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