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MSc Webinars

Admissions Tutor, John Waller, provides an overview of WMG MSc Course Structure and Assessments.

ITM Webinar

MSc International Technology Management focuses on emerging technologies, and the approaches, tools and techniques to manage these technologies in a global, collaborative environment. Watch course leader, Dr Angela Clarke running through the concept, development and content of the programme.

e-BM Webinar

In this webinar, Senior Teacher Michael Mortenson provides an overview of the MSc e-Business Management. With the exponential growth in e-Business activity worldwide, there is great demand for e-Business professionals who bring particular specialised knowledge and skills. Michael provides useful and insightful information about the programme.

Accommodation Webinar for WMG prospective students

Sinead Edmonds, Allocation Manager from Warwick Accommodation, shared useful information about applying for accommodation, the different options available on and off campus, specific requirements and much more.