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WMG Student Ambassadors


Are you a current WMG full-time Master's student? Could you inspire the next generation of WMG students? Apply to become a WMG Student Ambassador 2018-19.

Prospective students value the opportunity to hear from you, our current students, who know best of all what studying at Warwick and WMG is like. So, every year, we recruit an enthusiastic team of WMG Student Ambassadors.

By sharing your unique student perspective, you'll be playing an important part in showcasing WMG to the next generation of students, encouraging them to study here and enjoy similar experiences.

As a WMG Ambassador, your role would primarily be to inspire prospective applicants and offer holders for WMG, by sharing your experiences.

Find out more about the Student Marketer or Events Assistant roles below.

> Student Marketer

You'll share your student experiences through digital marketing channels, for example as:

  • Student Blogger (writing blog posts or filming video blogs)
  • Social Media Ambassador
> Events Assistant

You will support prospective student visits to the department, such as open days, individual visits and campus tours. This role would involve face-to-face interaction with prospective students. Please note, this work is limited, based on the events taking place throughout the year.

There may be other work opportunities throughout the year, which will be offered to both roles. These types of activities can include:

  • Photoshoots
  • Video filming
  • Focus groups
  • Conversion campaigns
  • Speaking to prospective students in person, on the phone or by email
  • Other ad hoc duties to support the Student Recruitment team

What will I gain from being a WMG Student Ambassador?
  • Help prospective students make informed decisions about their future education
  • Flexible working with no fixed hours (it’s essential that this work does not impact on your studies)
  • Gain work experience for your CV
  • Develop your personal, professional and communication skills
  • Meet WMG students from beyond your course
  • Your chance to earn some money (we will highlight where an opportunity is voluntary)

How to apply and the selection process

Because you will be representing WMG, approval and selection will be agreed by the Student Recruitment team.

The Student Recruitment team will consider all applications, and will be in contact with you. As part of the recruitment process, you may be invited to attend a short, informal chat about the role. If selected, you may be asked to attend a training session.

Further details

Those accepted as WMG Ambassadors are not guaranteed work, but will be contacted throughout the academic year, when relevant opportunities are available. Some opportunities will be paid, whilst others will be voluntary. This will be made clear when each opportunity is advertised to you. The Recruitment team will advise on your work schedule, accordingly.

All WMG Ambassadors can opt to work as much or as little as they like throughout the academic year,
ensuring that any time dedicated to the role does not impact on their academic studies.


If you are interested in applying for this role, or if you have any questions, please contact Katrina Moore (Marketing Officer).