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Electrical Drivetrains


The purpose of the module is for the students to learn about advanced propulsion technologies for hybrid and electric vehicles. In particular, the learning is focused on electric machines appropriate for hybrid and electric vehicles. The learning will also be based on how to design, drive and control these electric machines particularly in the context of hybrid and electric vehicles.

The module includes a significant practical element (~30%) where students gain hands-on experience of electric machine characterisation and testing as well as classroom-based investigation and consolidation of the control technology employed.


Upon successful completion participants will be able to:

  1. Interpret electric machine technologies, operation and their characteristics.
  2. Demonstrate comprehensive understanding of control methods for different machine technologies
  3. Demonstrate comprehensive understanding of power electronics devices and circuits
  4. Understand practicalities of electrical drivetrains in real-world application to hybrid and electric vehicles
  5. Systematically compare electric drivetrain designs for hybrid and electric vehicles


  • Electric machine types and characteristics.
  • Design of control for electric machines.
  • Use of power electronics in electric machines.
  • The future of propulsion technology in the automotive industry.
  • Hands-on practical: Electric machine characterisation.
  • Hands-on practical: Electric machine drivetrain and efficiency evaluation.
  • Hands-on practical: Electric machine control and test design class.


  • Evaluation of practical activities and technology application (80% weighting)
  • Electric Machine control design and test (10% weighting)
  • Daily online test for taught sessions (10% weighting)


1 week, including 18 hours of lectures, 1.5 hours of seminars, 3 hours of tutorials, 3 hours of demonstartions and 8 hours of supervised practical classes

This is a course module on the full-time and part-time MSc in Sustainable Automotive Electrification and as part of the part-time TAS JLR scheme.

Please note: the details of this module are correct for the current year of study and may be subject to change for future years.