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Research Methodology


This module provides the participant with practical guidance on how to conduct an academically-sound research project. The module provides guidance on the key elements of good academic practice and a practical understanding of the major research methods and techniques used in project work.


On completion, the participant will be capable of:

  • Good academic practice and will understand the importance of a sound research methodology
  • Understanding how and in what context the major research methods and techniques should be applied, including any limitations
  • Making an appropriate choice of research method/technique, relative to the choice of research project
  • Generating a Research Outline that the participant can discuss with their project supervisor


  • Introduction to the research process
  • The student-supervisor relationship
  • Reviewing the literature
  • Defining your research methodology
  • Design of experiments
  • Case study research
  • Surveys and Questionnaire design
  • Quality of data for analysis
  • Qualitative data analysis
  • Creativity tools
  • Planning your project
  • An introduction to the structure and form of an academic document
  • Generating the Research Outline