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Reputation and Relationship Management


The sales process for service is different to that of products because of intangibility associated with service. It is relationships with a variety of stakeholders that help to facilitate repurchase, upselling and cross-selling to customers through third party referencing rather than application of the sales process in the traditional buyer-seller dyad.

Reputation and Relationship Management provides managers with the knowledge and skills of how to build solid trust between an organisation and its stakeholders through careful management of collaborative working centred on corporate brand vision, values, healthy relationships and effective communications. Successfully applying relevant academic theory and practical knowledge based on the principles of ISO 44001 – Collaborative Business Relationships, ensures that the protection and enhancement of the strategic intangible asset of organisational and individual reputation is seen in a positive light. This in turn leads to credible, reliable and trustworthy value propositions in the co-creation of value for all parties.


On completion, successful participants will be able to:

  1. Understand the constructs of reputation and relationship management and discuss its impact on strategy.
  2. Recognise and evaluate strategies to manage reputation.
  3. Interpret and critique a given reputation and relationship management strategy.
  4. Understand how and why the development and management of corporate and individual reputation enables organisations to be seen in a positive light.
  5. Understanding how organisational vision, values, purpose, and social responsibility guide strategic development of reputation, identity, image, status, branding and positioning to ultimately enhance business performance.
  6. Critique the process of creating more profitable customers through the co-creation of value.
  7. Effectively communicate value propositions to all stakeholders through a crafted collaboration relationship management plan with an emphasis on increasing sales to customers.
  8. Critically review and systematically apply an integrated marketing communication approach using a range of tools and techniques to build and manage reputation and relationships for both an individual and an organisation to a range of stakeholders and collaborative partners.
  9. Model the service sales process and understand the theories behind effectively communicating the organisation’s value proposition. Independently design a service sales process and key account management system that builds reputation and customer loyalty.


  1. Understanding the Nature and Characteristics of Reputational Management
  2. Managing the Dimensions of an Organisation's Reputation
  3. Developing and Managing Effective Corporate Communications
  4. Developing and Managing Relationships


5 Days


Reflective Essay 30% and individual Post Module Assignment 70%

This is a course module on MSc Service Management and Design.

Please note: the details of this module are correct for the current year of study and may be subject to change for future years.