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Why I attended an Open Day

By Jiangling Zheng, MSc Engineering Business Management

I attended WMG Open Day last year, and, looking back, I’m so glad that I did. On that day, I learned a lot about WMG course structure, the unique teaching style and teaching systems through the presentation from Admissions Tutor, John Waller. After the presentation, we had a campus tour, led by current students. It was great to see campus! Finally, I had an opportunity to talk directly with my course leader. The whole experience was really satisfying and pleasant, and the staff were all so helpful and friendly.

Attending Open Day helped me make a decision to study in WMG. When I talked with recruitment staff, current students and my course leader, I could feel the positive atmosphere, and the passion for research and teaching. It was then that I knew WMG was my best option for Master's study and I knew that I could be successful here.

If you’re considering Master’s study, I’d strongly recommend that you attend a WMG Open Day. It is true that nowadays there is a lot of information that you can find online. But how do you know that you will like this department and how do you know if you like the people there? You can only get these answers by visiting the campus and seeing from yourself. Master’s study is not easy, so you need to choose the place where you feel good, and the department and people you know you will be happy studying with.

Thu 19 April 2018, 14:41 | Tags: Engineering Business Management

Inspirational alumni talk

By: Manuela Rodríguez Melgar, Jiangling Zheng, Alejandro Fraga Eraso and Kingsley Chong

Alumni talk video

As Master’s students, it concerns us what is coming next after graduating. Last week, we had the opportunity to attend a special and inspirational lecture and networking session to learn first hand what can we expect as WMG students in the future.

We created the above video at the networking sessions so that you can hear from WMG alumni yourself, but also below are some key notes from the talk.

  • Raja Adeel Khalid, Senior Operations Manager at Amazon from the 2001-02 e-Business Management cohort, share that success is not a door that needs to be unlocked, but it is the result of thinking big, pushing ourselves out of the comfort zone and being able to take decisions when required. Contrary to what we constantly hear, he suggested us to know what we do not want because according to his journey from Toyota to Amazon in his 15 years of working experience, this is what keeps us far from making the wrong decisions.
  • In line with Raja, Christina Liaskou, Global Product Line Manager at Delphi from the Engineering Business Management 2013-14 cohort, suggested that WMG equip her with many tools that are crucial to face the challenges of the working environment, such as understanding the importance of collaboration and time management, as well as being part of a multicultural team. She added that the skills developed at WMG allowed her to be more competitive and Warwick’s prestige boosted her profile.
  • Regarding job applications, Guvanch Meredov, Tech Product and Digital Marketing Consultant at Google, encouraged us to apply to companies that we might think are “out of our league”, regardless of our nationality. He confessed that as a non European, he felt intimidated but his experiences proves that it is possible for international students to hold a position in leading companies in the UK. But that does not mean it is easy, he added that he got many rejections before Google’s offer and therefore, it is important to avoid giving up, work hard, but also, have fun while doing so.

We really enjoyed this event and felt very inspired from the life lessons we heard!

Hot topic: Artificial Intelligence

By: Georgia Giannakopoulou, MSc e-Business Management

Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the hottest topics -as most people describe it- nowadays in business area. As always my master’s department -WMG- didn’t disappointed me and has given me the opportunity to enjoy a talk about it.

The university of Warwick and particular the WMG department organises plenty of events and industrial visits every month. WMG provides a plethora of opportunities where you have the chance to get useful information and insights from different companies and start-ups. Needless to mention that the events and the visits are provided for free via the booking system and in most of them we have refreshments and snacks (food is always welcome eeh ? J).

Personally I believe that the most useful thing on these events is the chance you have to ask your own question to the speaker and also the opportunity to enhance your networking channel. It is an easy and great to way to start practising on your communication skills with professionals and employees from different companies around the world.

So on March 27, 2018 I had the great opportunity to attend one of these events. In the context of International Women’s Day, Madhuban Kumar -CEO of Metafused; an award winning company- came to WMG to talk about Artificial Intelligence and Automation.

From the title everyone can understand how exciting the talk was, especially for students who are interested in this area. The talk was very easy to understand and you didn’t need to have a special knowledge on the field. To be honest, this is one of the things that I enjoy in WMG’s events; any student from any background is welcome to can attend them, even if they are not related to his/her interest. This presentation was a proof, since it was very easy to follow it and stay engaged to the conversation.

Regarding to this specific talk what enjoyed the most was the information I gained from a CEO who has a lot of experience. A general overview of the talk can be summarized in the following sentences. For example, she showed us some statistics regarding to which countries are the leaders -in both academia and money spend in research and businesses- in the field of Artificial intelligence (not surprisingly China). Furthermore, I learned in which categories of business areas, the AI technologies -assisted and augmented intelligence- have the greatest impact. These are the Manufacturing, Healthcare and Education. Specifically, AI in Manufacturing can generate an additional US $3.8 trillion by the year 2035 driven by augmentation and making labour more productive. In addition, by 2035 it is expected that AI in the Healthcare industry will have accelerated growth from 2,2% to 3,4% generating US $461 billion. Impressive eeh?

Another interested point of the presentation was the association of AI with the future jobs that will come in. Artificial intelligence is closely related with the analysis of vast datasets and taking patterns out to make links and draw conclusions. For this task a new skillful workforce is needed in order to analyse the conclusions and give personalized focused answers to plenty of questions. So the outcome of the presentation was that AI has already started showing its advantages and that in the near future AI will boost the profitability of all industries.

All in all, the day of 27th of March was another well spend one in WMG and in my masters’ experience so far. This event was definitely food for thought not only for my further personal thinking but also for my future careers perspectives. Can’t wait for more events like this one.

 AI talk_metafused




Thu 29 March 2018, 15:28 | Tags: e-Business Management

Industry in action

By: Kingsley Chong, MSc e-Business Management

There are some great opportunities that WMG students can grab, and more importantly, they are all free!

One of the highlights will be the industrial visit. There are frequent updates on the events organized by the school throughout the year. Students are able to have industrial insights, ranging from logistics, manufacturing to retail, charity industries. Although most of the visits, if not all, are scheduled on weekdays, we, as WMG students, have the flexibility to join the site visits due to our 1-week intensive modules. (OF COURSE, skipping a module to attend the visit is forbidden). Even if there are time clash between the visit that you are seriously interested in and your modules, you don’t need to get panic. Some of the visits will be re-organized in later time. Since the event will pop-up throughout the year, you have to keep an eye on the web page or your school email. It is quite competitive as the spaces are limited.

Industrial visits typically last for half a day event with free return journey through shuttle bus. As a group of students from the University of Warwick, we can have a taste of the in-depth business models of the firms, which normally are not disclosed to the public. Personally, I found it to be a great advantage. Not only in understanding potential career field, but it also provides a basis of common knowledge when you are in an interview to be a potential employee. I recently have joined the Amazon Dunstable plant site visit, which is located near Luton. Without this visit, I won’t be aware of the engagements of robots in a traditional logistic plant.

If you prefer staying on campus, you can still be benefited of. There are CV clinic workshops helping you to prepare for job hunting in the UK. Occasionally there will be some international companies such as Google and Hilti coming to WMG to inspire us. And more importantly, networking opportunities should not be missed!



Thu 29 March 2018, 11:22 | Tags: e-Business Management

What I like most about being a WMG student

By: Manuela Rodríguez Melgar, MSc International Trade, Strategy and Operations

In this vlog, Manuela tells us what she likes most about studying for a Master's degree at WMG.


Tue 13 March 2018, 14:32 | Tags: International Trade, Strategy and Operations

Why I chose an MSc at WMG

By: Georgia Giannakopoulou, MSc e-Business Management

Why I have chosen to study an MSc at WMG ? Hmmm let me tell you why…

Georgia_firstdayEverything began in 2012, when my 18-year-oldself decided to start an undergraduate business degree programme at a time when the European Union began to experience a deep rift, and my home country, Greece, became the focus of an unprecedented financial crisis; now there is the added turbulence of Brexit and an ever-uncertain world order. All of this has enabled me to better put my career prospects into perspective.

WMG, with its illustrious history and bright future, is clearly the right place to access expertise and best learn how to approach this challenge from an organisational management perspective. Moreover, the mixed-mode learning style, and the fact that external speakers complement the regular teaching staff, adds value to this understanding and was definitely one of the reasons why I chose WMG. Studying in WMG is a completely new way of teaching. This can be daunting sometimes, but it has positively opened my mind to new ways of learning.

In addition, the MSc programme by its own, which is the MSc in e-Business Management was extremely inspiring to me and I knew it will be able to grant me a successful international career in any field I want to be focused on. E-business and innovation go hand-in-hand and learning how to apply the concepts of e-business to systems integration, and product/services development will add significantly to my organizational skills and allow me to better view the potential of enterprises and plan their development responsibly and effectively.

Georgia_studyinlibraryLast but certainly not least, and may the most important reason why I chose to study for an MSc at WMG, is because I wanted to challenge myself and grow as a person from inside out. Studying abroad may well change the way you view all kinds of things which you had previously taken for granted. Moreover, long-term experience in other cultures has a tendency to help think objectively about things, tolerate differences, and recognize and appreciate diversity. WMG’s exposure to many different types of people and cultures I knew that it will not only help me to meet a diverse range of people, but it will also give me a firmer knowledge of others, and it will help me to gain a wider cultural sensitivity and a global mind-set.

To conclude, for me it was and always will be all about gaining life experience. Throwing yourself into a completely new environment, like WMG, will help you to figure out on what you are good at, as well as what you are not so good at. In other words, you unquestionably learn more about yourself. For that reasons, WMG you were, you are and you will always be an unforgettable experience for me! Thank you for reading :)

Mon 12 March 2018, 16:10 | Tags: e-Business Management

How I arrived at WMG

By: Fatin Fatihah Zahari, MSc International Technology Management

Yikes, what a title! Hang on, and trust me that by the end of this blog post, it is a simple and self explanatory caption of my journey. But, why does it matter? Because it all started of consciousness that there are things that I am not good at – just like any healthy human beings, both you and I, we doubt ourselves! So, it is worthwhile to sit down and reflect on the path that we took, realising that they are all bits and puzzles that help us building dimensions of ourselves that define who we are today.

Fatin_ITMIt took me roughly three years to finally arrive in the UK and it all began soon after I graduated in 2014 with an electronics engineering degree. Soon after graduation, I was informed by the company sponsoring my undergraduate studies that I was to report for duty. This then marks new dimension that led me out of my comfort zone as a logical and reasoning driven person to an emotionally aware individual. Working environment is psychologically complex in my point of view since every decision has a non-logical consequence that does not add up simply as one plus one equals to two. It pushed a new way of thinking and developed agility to adapt to new situations as I was assigned to strategic projects alongside my main position. Changing oneself and challenging the way one present themselves in front of various levels of stakeholders really took a toll on me and it was draining.

To keep myself motivated and equipped with necessary knowledge, I enrolled in a double engineering masters course. However, half way through the degree, a sudden realisation hits me. It got to the core of my values and my purpose for studies – this time around, I am studying just to escape from the complexity of working life and I am falling back into my comfort zone. I was indulged in the thought of being in one of the best technology university with government scholarship and was the youngest one in class. But it did not help me in any way to take me up to the next level of self development – to learn because I need the knowledge, not to feed my ego. One term is all it takes for me to sum up all the possibilities and I dropped out from the course. Regardless of the negative comments that I received after dropping out of the degree, I took the challenges awaiting for me in the strategic project I was involved in head on with determination and an opportunistic mindset.

If it is not because of the strategic project, I will not discover this new dimension of being a digital enthusiast which leads me to become one of the first few data scientists in the company. I received offers from both the company and government to enroll in data science and business analytics course, lasting for one year each.

It has been two years now since I dropped out from the engineering masters degree and I am already arriving at a different path than I could ever imagined. I was already applying to enroll in a masters programme in the USA, looking for a programme that bridges technical knowledge that I have gained to strategy, finance, and organisational behaviour knowledge which I lack. Whilst I was applying and googling for necessary information on the net, I stumbled upon a particular programme in the UK that bridges the two spectrum of knowledge of known and unknown that I have been looking for. After going through information on its site, read reviews in student forums and questioned myself for days, I decided to apply for this programme instead.

fatin_photo4Fast forward, on 23rd September I arrived in the UK and registered as an MSc student in Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG), University of Warwick. Looking back, each new challenges are merely pitstops that forces me to think deeply of my decisions that in result a creation of new dimension. I was once a person of logical reasoning, a systematic mind that pushes thing to go in order. Today, changes does not fear me nor am I worried to experiment myself with new experiences. Xth dimension is there waiting for you, me and all of us. Sometimes we realise how important a decision is but most of the times we take things for granted. Coming here to WMG is the best decision that I ever made because the challenges help me to discover new dimensions that I would never be able to do so by myself. Listen deeply, start the change from within and be in the moment. Life is after all a journey of continuous improvement!

Mon 12 March 2018, 15:57 | Tags: International Technology Management

My course and classmates

By: Kingsley Chong, MSc e-Business Management

I'm really glad to share my study journey here! I’m Kingsley from Hong Kong and I’m a full-time student in e-Business Management (e-BM) here (just side-track a little bit, e-BM is different from EBM, which is the Engineering Business Management). e-BM, like most of the master's programs offered by the Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG), consist of 9 modules - but there are some course exceptions, so check the website. On the website, you'll see lots of useful information about the course and structure, but I wanted to share my experiences as full-time master's student.

In e-BM, we have nearly 200 full-time students this year. Most of us have multi-national backgrounds. Since we value ‘who you are’ rather than ‘where you come from’, some returned to school after a couple of working experiences and some, like me, joined the family of WMG after freshly graduated from the university. Through syndicated group exercises, a comprehensive discussion leads to a mutually beneficial process.

Besides the fundamental course, e-BM students are split into small classes to study in different modules. You will have most of the classmates for all the modules, so it is a good chance to build up friendship. I really appreciate the teacher-and-student relationship in e-BM which shares similarities with friendship. It is easy to build up your network for your future career.

I understand that you may be nervous about choosing to study-abroad; it's certainly a big decision. I hope you may have a taste of the close relationship between classmates met here and the teacher-and-student interactions. Next time, I'll tell you more about student life in the UK. Looking forward to it 😊

kchong_ebm_1 The first group project in Finance for e-Business  
kchong_ebm_3 Humorous instructors Gareth and Michael in Digital Marketing Technology  

kchong_ebm_2 Our Course Leader John Waller, who is also the Admission Tutor of the WMG's UK Full-Time MSc courses

Fri 23 February 2018, 13:04 | Tags: e-Business Management

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