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My personal experience at WMG

Filmed by: Jiangling Zheng, MSc Engeering Business Management.

Featuring: Tong Guo, MSc Supply Chain and Logistics Management

In this vlog, Tong Guo tells us her experiences and thoughts about studying for a Master's degree at WMG. Click here to watch the video.

My experiences of wmg 
Fri 15 June 2018, 13:49


By: Carlos Valdivia Reichmann, MSc Programme and Project Management

Choosing accommodation to live during the year-period in Warwick is a really important decision, and one of those reasons is because of the places you have close by! I will share with you my experience living in Coventry City Centre, and the thoughts of friends who live on campus!

Living off Campus (Coventry City Centre):

The best thing to live off-campus is that you can access different places, such as restaurants, shopping, bars, gyms and parks 5 minutes walking from your accommodation! Also, if you live in a Student Accommodation block (which is my case), you will live and meet very students from Warwick University, making the experience similar to living on campus.

If you live off campus, you have to take a bus (11, 11u or 12x) to go to your lectures on Central Campus or Westwood, which takes around 30-45 minutes in the morning. If you live on campus this is quite easier as depending on which accommodation you live, this can take you 10-20 minutes to go for lectures.

off-campus photo 1 cov photo 1

Living On Campus:

Living on campus is quite convenient if you want to participate in the University activities (which there are many of them during the year), and to enjoy the University life within the University. Good things about on campus is that there are many green areas to enjoy with friends, have a picnic and chill. It also is near to supermarkets and have some pubs to enjoy the night with classmates and friends!

The other main advantage of living on campus is the animals! During the day you can see ducks, geese, squirrels, between different animals in a really beautiful environment.

on-campus photo 1
Mon 11 June 2018, 09:45 | Tags: Programme and Project Management

Living in Coventry city centre

By: Yunchen Chen, MSc International Trade, Strategy and Operations

In general, students can apply for on-campus and off-campus accommodation. Before I came to the university, I hoped that I could be allocated to the on-campus accommodation. Unfortunately, I was allocated to off-campus accommodation in the city centre of Coventry. However, I realised that living in the Coventry city centre is a wonderful experience after I came here.

Mostly, students who are allocated to live in Coventry would either stay in City Village or Study Inn. City Village is where I live now. The location of City Village is brilliant. It is accessible to everywhere. You can walk to the main street in the city centre in five minutes. When you just arrive, you can shop in IKEA which is also only in ten minutes on foot. If you want to travel around U.K. by bus, the main bus station is also ten minutes’ walk from City Village. If you take a train, the train station is also only fifteen minutes away from here. However, it takes about half an hour to go to the university by bus from the city centre.

With regards to the facilities, City Village provides a wide variety of options. You can play pool with your friends in the common room. If you need to exercise, the gym is also there for you. When you need to have meetings with colleagues, the comfortable meeting rooms are also there. When you want to hold a party, you can also borrow the common room. It is a wonderful place to organize a party. Except for those entertainment facilities, City Village also organized various activities at random every month. They would provide free breakfast or fruits from time to time. Once a month, there would be movie time for the residents to enjoy together at night.

As for the type of room, there are studios and en-suites. All of the beds are small double beds which are more comfortable than single beds in most of the on-campus accommodation. The kitchens are all in modern design and also could be good options to hold warm parties among friends. However, all the stuff in the bedroom and kitchen should be prepared by the residents themselves.

Fri 18 May 2018, 15:16 | Tags: International Trade, Strategy and Operations

Activities beyond the classroom

By: Oswaldo Escudero, MSc Manufacturing Systems Engineering and Management

Each term, undergraduate and master's students at the University of Warwick have the opportunity to attend new events and activities that have been developed as a way to know each other and have a good time. The University of Warwick is a space on campus for students to meet new friends, some for life while giving an opportunity to meet diverse people from different cultures through fun and excited activities. Students have a busy lifestyle, among all their duties and responsibilities, which leaves them little time to socialize, but with the events offered by Warwick, they can enjoy fun activities like the ones that had taken place, for example, the afternoon tea, language exchange sessions, movie nights and sports events. Each one of these activities allows students to release some steam before any deadlines or exams.

One of the activities I had try and really enjoy my time at the University was the movie nights with one of our teachers, Vagelis, which are really fun and entertaining. Let me tell a little more about it, each couple of weeks they organized a movie night where a movie related to research methods is presented. Sounds boring???... Of course, not... each time a lot of my fellow classmates gather around and enjoy the different selection of movies available. We also take some time to enjoy a snack and pizza while we talk with other people invited and get to know them. So, one recommendation I make to any fellow student wanting to do something one afternoon and don’t really know much people but enjoy a good movie, I recommend you join us in one of these movie nights and I promise you that you will have the time of your life.

Every day new activities are popping out on social media like Facebook, Instagram or the Warwick web page, just be patient and something you might enjoy will appear. Each time the students and staff are trying harder to come up with brand new activities for us students to be a participant and enjoy them as much as we can.

Tue 15 May 2018, 11:35 | Tags: Manufacturing Systems Engineering and Management

My academic life in the UK

By: Zhandos Mussabekov, MSc Supply Chain and Logistics Management

Today's thoughts outloud about my academic life in the UK.

Studying at Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG) is a great challenge as you have to be a very disciplined and concerned student to make the most of everything that it offers to us. I really like that about studying here - it means that anyone can find and learn a lot of beneficial insight to build better skills for their future. For example, WMG holds many extracirruclar activities, events and workshops and seminars outside of the modules which are great to get involved in. After attending workshops and seminars you will get even more motivated as you always meet professionals who are one step ahead with the current trends in life. The similiar experience is about industrial visits where you see real-time jobs done. As for activities and events, you become more sociable and it's about networking and building connections - which is a fantastic oportunity for us as students.

WMG aims for a very modern and exceptional approach in the education sphere, which makes it unique. The University of Warwick is amongst the top 10 UK universities, and within the top 100 in the world. For a relatively young university, I see that as a fantastic achievement.

Moreover, there are lots of clubs and communities you can join; the sports centre, language centre and many other opportunities that you can make the most of. I am really happy I made the choice to study here, as I feel that the university takes care of its students. Recently, together with my family, we went to the WMG Master's Open Day as my wife is also thinking about studying for her Master's here! She was excited about the prospect of studying here next year!

Some photos below of WMG life include: WMG afternoon tea event; a photo with friends from my course; and a picture of my friends from the Warwick Kazakh society.

I am from Kazakhstan and I a member of the Kazakh society at Warwick, which is a very friendly society that organises meet and many get-togethers throughout the year. Whatever your interests, there are lots of brilliant societies to join at Warwick.

Kazakh_soc Warwick Kazakh Society

zm_afternoontea Afternoon tea event at WMG

ZM_course Coursemates

Tue 15 May 2018, 11:28 | Tags: Supply Chain and Logistics Management

Experiencing industry in action

By: Aland Escudero Ornelas, MSc Manufacturing Systems Engineering and Management

One of the amazing extra activities provided by WMG are the Industrial visits. These visits take place in different highly rank companies. The learning we gather in the classroom can be seen applied in real life in these top companies. Depending on the program the student are in there are companies more suitable for that course. However, student from different courses can join any industrial visit . This allows making new friends in the way to the company and during the visit. One of my favourite visits was to the JLR assembly line at Solihull. I was surprised and glad that our guide was a retired engineer that used to work in that plant. He told us the history of the company, and many details he lived during his time working there. Then we got the chance to watch the maintenance team change a die in their stamping department of 10 tons! That was not all; the most amazing part of the visit for me as MSEM student was the assembly line. All the robots were doing their task like dancers in a ballet with perfect coordination. Everyone was mesmerized with it. As a whole, this industrial visit help me in my further modules because the knowledge and theory was not just a concept anymore, these were activities I had seen with my own eyes. WMG had shown to have a quality education, not just by giving us knowledge but also the unique experience of being witnesses of the implementation of the latest technology. As a student, I am pleased and I feel fortunate to know how these companies work and the interaction between the departments, which someday I look to work on. Always we are waiting for the next exciting visit to book!

Tue 15 May 2018, 10:49 | Tags: Manufacturing Systems Engineering and Management

Why I attended an Open Day

By Jiangling Zheng, MSc Engineering Business Management

I attended WMG Open Day last year, and I’m really glad that I did. On that day, I learned a lot about WMG course structure, the unique teaching style and teaching systems through the presentation from Admissions Tutor, John Waller. After the presentation, we had a campus tour, led by current students. It was great to see campus! Finally, I had an opportunity to talk directly with my course leader. The whole experience was really satisfying and pleasant, and the staff were all so helpful and friendly.

Attending Open Day helped me make a decision to study in WMG. When I talked with recruitment staff, current students and my course leader, I could feel the positive atmosphere, and the passion for research and teaching. It was then that I knew WMG was my best option for Master's study and I knew that I could be successful here.

If you’re considering Master’s study, I’d strongly recommend that you attend a WMG Open Day. It is true that nowadays there is a lot of information that you can find online. But how do you know that you will like this department and how do you know if you like the people there? You can only get these answers by visiting the campus and seeing from yourself. Master’s study is not easy, so you need to choose the place where you feel good, and the department and people you know you will be happy studying with.

Thu 19 April 2018, 14:41 | Tags: Engineering Business Management

Inspirational alumni talk

By: Manuela Rodríguez Melgar, Jiangling Zheng, Alejandro Fraga Eraso and Kingsley Chong

Alumni talk video

As Master’s students, it concerns us what is coming next after graduating. Last week, we had the opportunity to attend a special and inspirational lecture and networking session to learn first hand what can we expect as WMG students in the future.

We created the above video at the networking sessions so that you can hear from WMG alumni yourself, but also below are some key notes from the talk.

  • Raja Adeel Khalid, Senior Operations Manager at Amazon from the 2001-02 e-Business Management cohort, share that success is not a door that needs to be unlocked, but it is the result of thinking big, pushing ourselves out of the comfort zone and being able to take decisions when required. Contrary to what we constantly hear, he suggested us to know what we do not want because according to his journey from Toyota to Amazon in his 15 years of working experience, this is what keeps us far from making the wrong decisions.
  • In line with Raja, Christina Liaskou, Global Product Line Manager at Delphi from the Engineering Business Management 2013-14 cohort, suggested that WMG equip her with many tools that are crucial to face the challenges of the working environment, such as understanding the importance of collaboration and time management, as well as being part of a multicultural team. She added that the skills developed at WMG allowed her to be more competitive and Warwick’s prestige boosted her profile.
  • Regarding job applications, Guvanch Meredov, Tech Product and Digital Marketing Consultant at Google, encouraged us to apply to companies that we might think are “out of our league”, regardless of our nationality. He confessed that as a non European, he felt intimidated but his experiences proves that it is possible for international students to hold a position in leading companies in the UK. But that does not mean it is easy, he added that he got many rejections before Google’s offer and therefore, it is important to avoid giving up, work hard, but also, have fun while doing so.

We really enjoyed this event and felt very inspired from the life lessons we heard!

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