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The first three months of my MSc

By: Oswaldo Escudero, MSc Manufacturing Systems and Engineering Management

Studying abroad has always been my dream, and to develop myself more and more academically has become my passion. I have been living in Coventry, UK for more than 3 months now and it is the best experience I had since I am fulfilling my personal goals of getting to know another country, its culture, traditions, language, places, and food.

Studying Manufacturing Systems Engineering and Management (MSEM) at the University of Warwick within the WMG has taught me so much and I still need so much more. Being in one of the best universities in the world for engineering and within one of the top 10 in the UK completely meets all my expectations and even more. The first time I took the tour through the facilities of WMG I was totally surprised, I had no words to express what I felt for the excellent and innovative infrastructure of the school and also studying an MSc here has allowed me to meet and make great friends with people from so many different nationalities who have another way to see the world due to their background and culture from which they come. This fascinates me because when I go to the manufacturing department and just walk through the hallways you can listen to the diverse languages that are spoken and I just think that with the help of all of those people we can achieve a greater knowledge for the country and the world.

The last months that I have been studying at WMG I have learned so many things and it has given me a new perspective. Firstly, adapting to a new work environment where your native language is not spoken, where a different learning system is used and I believe better since Warwick has great learning modules taught by some of the best professors worldwide. Many ask me what is the most difficult part of studying for a master's degree? To which I respond enthusiastic, the number of books and articles I have to learn from, read, research and write about. But it is all part of a process of personal improvement in which a new mentality is acquired which allows you to exceed your limits and reach new academic levels turning someone into a more competitive person in a working environment. Secondly, the MSEM course focuses precisely on giving me a new mentality to manage the resources at my disposal and get better results in the varies companies. All the knowledge that I acquire from the modules is directly applied in the industry with clear and practical examples to be complemented with the vast experience and knowledge of the work team at Warwick University.


Mon 29 Jan 2018, 15:19 | Tags: Manufacturing Systems Engineering and Management