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How I arrived at WMG

By: Fatin Fatihah Zahari, MSc International Technology Management

Yikes, what a title! Hang on, and trust me that by the end of this blog post, it is a simple and self explanatory caption of my journey. But, why does it matter? Because it all started of consciousness that there are things that I am not good at – just like any healthy human beings, both you and I, we doubt ourselves! So, it is worthwhile to sit down and reflect on the path that we took, realising that they are all bits and puzzles that help us building dimensions of ourselves that define who we are today.

Fatin_ITMIt took me roughly three years to finally arrive in the UK and it all began soon after I graduated in 2014 with an electronics engineering degree. Soon after graduation, I was informed by the company sponsoring my undergraduate studies that I was to report for duty. This then marks new dimension that led me out of my comfort zone as a logical and reasoning driven person to an emotionally aware individual. Working environment is psychologically complex in my point of view since every decision has a non-logical consequence that does not add up simply as one plus one equals to two. It pushed a new way of thinking and developed agility to adapt to new situations as I was assigned to strategic projects alongside my main position. Changing oneself and challenging the way one present themselves in front of various levels of stakeholders really took a toll on me and it was draining.

To keep myself motivated and equipped with necessary knowledge, I enrolled in a double engineering masters course. However, half way through the degree, a sudden realisation hits me. It got to the core of my values and my purpose for studies – this time around, I am studying just to escape from the complexity of working life and I am falling back into my comfort zone. I was indulged in the thought of being in one of the best technology university with government scholarship and was the youngest one in class. But it did not help me in any way to take me up to the next level of self development – to learn because I need the knowledge, not to feed my ego. One term is all it takes for me to sum up all the possibilities and I dropped out from the course. Regardless of the negative comments that I received after dropping out of the degree, I took the challenges awaiting for me in the strategic project I was involved in head on with determination and an opportunistic mindset.

If it is not because of the strategic project, I will not discover this new dimension of being a digital enthusiast which leads me to become one of the first few data scientists in the company. I received offers from both the company and government to enroll in data science and business analytics course, lasting for one year each.

It has been two years now since I dropped out from the engineering masters degree and I am already arriving at a different path than I could ever imagined. I was already applying to enroll in a masters programme in the USA, looking for a programme that bridges technical knowledge that I have gained to strategy, finance, and organisational behaviour knowledge which I lack. Whilst I was applying and googling for necessary information on the net, I stumbled upon a particular programme in the UK that bridges the two spectrum of knowledge of known and unknown that I have been looking for. After going through information on its site, read reviews in student forums and questioned myself for days, I decided to apply for this programme instead.

fatin_photo4Fast forward, on 23rd September I arrived in the UK and registered as an MSc student in Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG), University of Warwick. Looking back, each new challenges are merely pitstops that forces me to think deeply of my decisions that in result a creation of new dimension. I was once a person of logical reasoning, a systematic mind that pushes thing to go in order. Today, changes does not fear me nor am I worried to experiment myself with new experiences. Xth dimension is there waiting for you, me and all of us. Sometimes we realise how important a decision is but most of the times we take things for granted. Coming here to WMG is the best decision that I ever made because the challenges help me to discover new dimensions that I would never be able to do so by myself. Listen deeply, start the change from within and be in the moment. Life is after all a journey of continuous improvement!

Mon 12 Mar 2018, 15:57 | Tags: International Technology Management