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The start of my WMG journey

Chengyun Li, MSc Programme and Project Management

Five months ago, when I was transferred from Africa back to my home in Beijing, none of my friends or family would have believed that I would go abroad again to further my study in project management. Interested in project management and passionate to be professional, I have embarked on the journey towards my goals and dreams.

The last month passed in WMG has proved to be delightful. During the welcome week, a series of lectures organized by WMG gave us a panoramic view of study and life in University of Warwick. Critical concerns like PMA writing or project selection and preparation or student careers and skills were all very well addressed. My first course Project Planning Management and Control was well organized, quite intensive and challenging but closely practical related and informative. Project simulation exercise put us in a real project management situation and ambushed us with various challenging problems and issues. Lectures given by monitors or guest speakers were always engaging and thought-provoking. Besides the formal course, there are a number of workshops, lectures, activities you can choose to attend. Within last month, I attended 13 lectures or workshops, 2 career fairs and 1 industrial visit. There are always lectures or workshops or seminars interest you and fit you.

Now we have already started the project selection and preparation. I am lucky to be one student supervised by Richard Watson. I was impressed by his saying “the real prize is that you should have learnt how to 'critically learn'. This is a rare gift to achieve ….it never wears out or dates. Critical thinking makes us different. It doesn’t matter whether you are right or wrong. It always worth trying to convey your ideas and make your voice heard. There is big emphasis on critical thinking at WMG, which is great!

Life here is also enjoyable. To be honest, I am not so keen on English style food, neither are my flatmates. However, kitchen time becomes happy hours for us buddies living in flat 43 - where we get the chance to bond. We also visited Warwick Castle and Leamington spa together, experiencing the local culture. Autumn has arrived in the UK and it is beautiful! We like to watch the falling leaves which are yellow or red in colour.

I am proud of becoming an ambassador of WMG. When I was a postgraduate during my study in Renmin University of China, I was impressed by the teaching pattern and style of our applied linguistic course teacher professor Xiaoli Jiang who completed Master and PhD study in University of Warwick. Though not assuming the role of “ambassador”, she inspired us with her own example. Hopefully, my experience can have a positive influence on you.

Here are a couple of photos from my first few week at Warwick. Showcasing friendship and adventure!

kitchen time warwick castle view
Kitchen time with my flatmates The view from Warwick Castle