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Experiencing industry in action

By: Aland Escudero Ornelas, MSc Manufacturing Systems Engineering and Management

One of the amazing extra activities provided by WMG are the Industrial visits. These visits take place in different highly rank companies. The learning we gather in the classroom can be seen applied in real life in these top companies. Depending on the program the student are in there are companies more suitable for that course. However, student from different courses can join any industrial visit . This allows making new friends in the way to the company and during the visit. One of my favourite visits was to the JLR assembly line at Solihull. I was surprised and glad that our guide was a retired engineer that used to work in that plant. He told us the history of the company, and many details he lived during his time working there. Then we got the chance to watch the maintenance team change a die in their stamping department of 10 tons! That was not all; the most amazing part of the visit for me as MSEM student was the assembly line. All the robots were doing their task like dancers in a ballet with perfect coordination. Everyone was mesmerized with it. As a whole, this industrial visit help me in my further modules because the knowledge and theory was not just a concept anymore, these were activities I had seen with my own eyes. WMG had shown to have a quality education, not just by giving us knowledge but also the unique experience of being witnesses of the implementation of the latest technology. As a student, I am pleased and I feel fortunate to know how these companies work and the interaction between the departments, which someday I look to work on. Always we are waiting for the next exciting visit to book!

Tue 15 May 2018, 10:49 | Tags: Manufacturing Systems Engineering and Management