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How to deliver the ultimate speech

Chrysoula Spanou, MSc e-Business Management

I still remember the date when I have to deliver my presentation in front of 300 people, when I was at high school. I always admired people talking on stage. But I felt uncomfortable being on stage. When my presentation ended, I felt relieved and went back to my comfortable seat. But seeing my professor being on stage, I was thinking what should I do to deliver effective presentations?

As time goes by, I have to deliver more and more presentations. Business environment requires speeches on a regular basis. However, being a master student at Warwick University means that presentations becomes part of your daily life. In every module you have to present. So, I decided to work on it….

One of my first workshops here was how to deliver effective presentations. I went to the workshop ready to ask many questions. Is there any secret? How people can deliver speeches on stage with ease and confidence?

Tip No 1: Prepare -prepare-prepare

There is not too much preparation. You are there, because you are the best at the topic. This requires that you should know exactly what you are going to tell. You can make as many rehearsals as you want. You can make a presentation to your friend or someone else you trust.

Tip No 2: First minute by heart

What I have noticed is that the first 1-2 minutes are the most stressful. After this time, you get used to the stage and you feel much better. So, useful tip is to write down what you are going to tell and learn it by heart.

Tip No 3: Know your audience

It is totally different to talk to your classmates from your managers. There are different expectations. Before going on stage just take your time to think. What are these people expecting from me? This changes the whole perception. You have to catch their attention and to make them feel that something new is going to be told.

Tip No 4: Move

If you see someone standing or sitting on a chair reads a paper. What’s your first thought? Boring, right? You are excited about what you are going to present. This means that your voice and your movements show this excitement. If you are holding a microphone that’s fine. If you aren’t holding it, this allows you to move on stage. And guess what? Seem more confident.

Delivering presentations is a skill that can be developed. Envision yourself on stage talking about your job is the most important part of this journey. It is essential to enjoy this journey. It’s all about being yourself and show your passion to others. The stage is yours…!!!

If you need more tips about presentation don’t forget to book the effective presentations workshop.

Wed 29 May 2019, 11:51 | Tags: e-Business Management My course 2018-19 Master's life