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The magic of being an MSc student in the UK

Maria Celeste Alvarez Vasquez, MSc Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Hello! My name is Maria Alvarez, and I am an international student at WMG. Being part of Warwick Uni has been a fantastic journey that has transformed many aspects of my life. Making new friends, getting used to a new life and learning from other cultures, are some of the most exciting experiences that I have had so far.

Making new friends

Coming back to University after your undergraduate programme makes you feel the magic of meeting new people again. Going to a workshop, studying on campus or joining a social activity can be chances to make new friends. After seven months of the master, my heart is full of memories, stories and unforgettable human beings.

Getting used to the new life

I feel grateful to life for such privilege of studying abroad. Settling down is a process that takes time and is quite hard. As a new student, you have to deal with lots of personal and academic challenges. However, the good news is that you can go through this and you will be delighted after getting used to your new home!

Intercultural experience

The opportunity to have meaningful conversations with people from different origins, beliefs and views of the world is an invaluable experience. The mixture of cultures, languages, customs and traditions have taught me lots of lessons about multiculturalism. Apart from that, Warwick Uni promotes respect and tolerance among students, and this environment encourages you to be just yourself!

Team work

In the UK you will find students from all over the world. Here, I have learnt the power of exchanging ideas, the treasure behind every classmate and the power of kindness and empathy. Also, my specific experience at WMG has enhanced my team work abilities. The practical approach of my department has led me to learn from my peers, give and receive constructive feedback, work collectively to get the jobs done and have fun during the process.

Studying at Warwick and having access to vibrant life and a world-class education system, is definitely the perfect mix for an international student. I'm really looking forward to having more exciting experiences in the UK and WMG!

Fun at the Boat race between Oxford and Cambridge. This event, in London, was a great opportunity to make new friends from other Universities and have a break (and to get some fresh air!) from my assignments as a Master's student at Warwick. Follow my posts about the magic of being an MSc student in the UK on Instagram #wmgmasters #warwickuni #studyinUK #wmgftmasters #wmgsma #iamchevening #mycheveningjourney