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IAE - is it the right course for you?

Amanda Foo Min Lin, MSc Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Hello reader! If you’re reading this, and interested in studying Innovation and Entrepreneurship (IAE), you might have some questions on what you can expect to learn as an IAE student, and what it’s like being a student at WMG. In this post, I will be providing a glimpse into what the course entails and what it’s like being a part of the IAE family.

About the course

As an IAE student, each module lasts for a week and runs from Monday to Friday, 9am to 6.30pm. While the hours seem long, each day is filled with activities such as group discussions, case studies and presentations to keep you engaged throughout the day. Personally, I really like how realistic these activities are – in the span of three modules, I have experienced what it’s like to make a sales pitch (including negotiations), deliver bad news to my ‘employees’ and pitch a business idea to a large group of investors. These activities really embody the spirit of entrepreneurship – making mistakes and learning from experience, as opposed to being spoon-fed information.

To find out more about the modules you will be taking as an IAE student, please visit this link. As a prospective IAE student, do look through the list of modules and consider the following questions – Do these modules interest me? Do I want to learn more about these topics? Are these modules relevant to the knowledge I want to acquire? If you’re answer is ‘YES’ to all three questions – you are definitely on the right track to succeed in this course!

About the cohort

This year, the IAE family has over 100 students from many countries and backgrounds. With such a big family, you will get to work with many like-minded aspiring entrepreneurs who are passionate about making a difference. Furthermore, you will be supported by a large team of academic and non-academic staff to ensure that you will get a wholesome experience studying at WMG.

Whether you’re looking to transform your family business, set up your own business or expand your learning horizons, there’s no doubt that the IAE course will help you learn some of the basic ropes of being a businessman/woman and better orientate you for a career as an entrepreneur.

(Amanda is currently an IAE student at WMG. She loves her country Singapore and misses her favourite food, Hainanese chicken rice.)