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Starting my MSc degree

Alissa Lola Bouab, MSc Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Hey there! My name is Alissa, I am a French student and I recently started my MSc Innovation and Entrepreneurship journey at WMG. I am super excited to tell you all about it throughout the year, but here is a quick recap of the month of October!

Induction week

We started the course with an induction week; we had the usual lectures such as a course introduction, advice about how to write our PMAs (Post-Module Assignments, more about these later) and an overview of our masters project. Additionally, we had a really fun treasure hunt throughout campus organised by an escape game company; it was great to meet people and do some exercise (we were literally running everywhere to win the game). We also did a course introduction day where we had to develop innovative solutions throughout the day within our teams. It was a fun way to meet people from my course and put on our entrepreneurship caps on!

Weekend in London

London is only an hour’s train away from Coventry! So I spent a weekend there, basking in the sun (we had an unusually warm October), and eating my way through the city (the restaurant scene is great there).

First module week

And then came my first module week, in which I had classes from 9am to 6:45pm for 5 days straight. The great thing is that not only was the tutor great (Ali we are all looking at you!), the guest speakers were interesting and added relevant information to the course; but also we had so many opportunities to apply our knowledge within our teams. We never sat down for the whole day; the teaching was punctuated with group work, brainstorming, and presentations. We even got to develop our own Lego Mastermind robot and present it to the class!


Finding a supervisor for my thesis

Another task we had to do rapidly was finding a suitable thesis supervisor for our project. The great thing is that it is a two-way process, we choose the supervisor and they choose us: both parties need to be happy to work together. I met with a couple of supervisors and found the one who clicked with my idea!

Writing my first PMA

After the module week, we were given our first famous PMA. We have 4 weeks to write it, but do not assume that it is plenty of time! Indeed, we have to juggle module weeks (when we usually are too tired to be writing anything), our project and these PMAs (also we sometimes do have a social life…!). So I set up to write this PMA, which took me much longer than expected (isn’t it always like this?), and after many hours of work (and procrastination), it is finally almost ready to be submitted!

Study skills workshops

Along with our module weeks, we get to attend workshops which help us in studying and researching. For instance, I attended one which helped me understand how PMAs were marked. I also got to

meet a PhD student for feedback about my PMA and she gave me valuable writing tips!

Weekend in Kent

Another weekend, another opportunity to discover the UK. This time we set off to Kent, in the South-East of England, where we saw the beautiful white cliffs of Dover. I highly recommend it!

Social activities at WMG

And finally, we got up to some pretty fun things too at WMG. I went to play badminton at a drop-in session organised by the faculty. I played against a state champion from India: let’s just say that she taught me more than I taught her. I also got to meet people from my course during a great networking event at the university.

And here it is for my month of October! I am super excited for the next stages of my degree. You can follow my journey on Instagram @alyssalola20 and I’ll answer any questions you may have :)

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