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Industrial visit to Birmingham Airport with WMG

David Suarez Cuellar, MSc Innovation and Entrepreneurship

One of the most exciting benefits of studying for WMG is the opportunity to visit real-world business in the UK while studying. Recently, I joined the visit to Birmingham Airport along with other fellow WMG Master students. It was very exciting and I have always loved planes, so I was very eager to see how they manage the large number of people travelling through the airport each day.

Most industrial visits start at 9.00am and finished by 1pm, they are booked via the WMG event booking system that all WMG master students have access to and this. The coach arrived on campus at 9:10 to take us to the airport and we arrived there shortly afterwards, as it is only around 20 minutes by road from the university.

The visit began with a presentation about the airport’s history and its relevance for the UK, where we discovered that it is the 7th largest airport in the UK with around 12 million passengers travelling through it per year.

After some explanations of how the airport works, we headed for the most exciting part: we visited the terminal. There, we were told that this particular airport was the first hub-and-spoke purpose designed terminal in the world during the 1980s. This is how most large airlines in the world such as British Airways, Emirates, etc. work nowadays, so it was the first airport in the world that was designed to work internally as most modern airports work. Surprisingly, this was not the only innovation ever introduced in Birmingham Airport. The rail link from the railway station happened to be the first Maglev train system ever built in the world, just like the one found in Shanghai, but slightly shorter. Sadly, as it happens with many innovations, it had to be replaced in 1995, so now the rail link works in a different technology.

As you can see, it was a lot of fun going on an industrial visit with WMG. Certainly, it won't be my last industrial visit. I highly recommend everyone at WMG to join one, it gets you closer to the industry you might want to work in the future.

Fri 01 Mar 2019, 09:46 | Tags: Innovation and Entrepreneurship 2018-19

Being part of #TeamWarwick

Constanza Miranda, MSc e-Business Management

As soon as the academic year started, I decided to participate in one of the sports societies. I absolutely love to play sports and I wanted to represent the University at competition level. I have played volleyball for 8 years now, so I had no doubts about going to the trials in the first week of term. I got through the trials and was placed in the second team, and that is how I started to represent Warwick in the University league.

Volleyball_CM_blogThese past several months playing volleyball have been very challenging for me. One of the main reasons for this is because my first language is Spanish and the technical words, related with this sport, were new to me. So, I basically had to learn everything again. I was also part of a new, multicultural team, with different rules and other ways of playing the game. Moreover, I am the oldest one in the team, because all the other girls are undergraduates. This made me adapt the role of the “mother” of the team, and I try to teach them all I know. This experience has really helped me to realise how much I love to teach people what I know.

We train once a week and we usually have one or two matches per week. We also have a team coach and a student society which organises a lot of extra activities, like POP, dinners, treks, and other charity events. It impressed me how organised the society are. These extra-curricular activities have helped me to understand a lot more about my teammates, who are from a range of countries around the world. It has really been an incredible experience, which has opened my mind.

As for the matches themselves, the girls told me that they lost all of their games last year and they did not feel confident when the year started. I noticed their insecurity immediately and lack of experience playing formal matches. I still remember when we won the first match and some of the team cried with the emotion of it, because they simply could not believe it. Over the months, and with a lot of training, the team has improved enormously. Volleyball is a sport where you need 100% collaboration between the six players on court and the trust we have built among us is incredible. Now I am proud to say that we are first in our group!

I am so happy that I decided to join the volleyball team and to be part of this beautiful group of people - it has really enhanced my student experience, and it provides a welcome break and downtime from studying.



Wed 13 Feb 2019, 15:44 | Tags: e-Business Management My course 2018-19 Master's life

Applied management courses at WMG

Edna Simbine Matsinhe, MSc Supply Chain and Logistics Management

All the modules I have had so far have always a practical component, which means that we have the opportunity to apply everything we have learned using information systems or models and frameworks that are used by professionals in the area to overcome current challenges.

Specifically speaking the 'Transport Techniques and Management' module we use from software, manual calculations as well as games to overcome challenges that transport companies face. I will now give as an example the planning system that we use during module to manage the transport fleet and also a game called business on the move transport game.

Transport planning and routing software

It is less complex to plan the resources and transportation route to be used when it comes to transporting a single product type to a single point of destination, but nowadays companies face much more complex issues. In an unpredictable world in which things are in constant change, it is more complex for transport companies to plan their resources as well as decide on the route, as they have to respond to the transport of different types of products with different destination, either within the same country or to another country. The plan has to be done in a way that responds to customers' requirements. So, we had the opportunity to use a software that firstly it optimized the planning time and secondly, we could change the data in order to find the most cost-efficient way to do the transport. By using the software, we practice how to plan the transport route, from considering resources such as number of drivers required, to even decide on the most convenient area to locate a warehouse. It was wonderful to see a job that would take hours or even days to be done, being done in minutes.

Business on the move transport game

The business on the move transport game is a board game that create awareness on players on how a business transport company is managed. By playing this game we had to make decisions on how to transport the goods from one country to another from the time an order is received. It was fun to play the game but also very challenging as we actually had to make decision as normal transport business. Among the decisions were the mode of transport to be used, the decision to collaborate or not with other transport company, pay or not insurance and other contemporary decisions among transport division. It was a really fun way to learn.

I hope you enjoy this module as much as I did :) Check out my photos below.

edna_Feb_photo1 edna_feb_photo2

Academic life at Warwick

Nurbek Abdollayev, MSc Engineering Business Management

I would like to share my experience of studying at Warwick University. The start of the academic year was very intensive, yet very productive! New people, new culture and new beginnings!

The academic life at Warwick University impressed me, not only by its “state-of-the-art” technology labs or workshops but also with its people: I mean tutors, supervisors, staff, and students also. Everybody is involved in academic life, and there is always support provided either from the course leaders or well-being team.

The first module or subject that I had was Operations Strategy in Industry or OPSI, for short! And, believe me, within two weeks we studied lots of meaningful things: I learned and applied different models and strategy frameworks, which I hadn’t heard or used before, but I highly admit that they are very important to business and I wish I could have used them before in my work. In addition, learning through case studies gave us deeper insight into the best practices and failures, which should be considered during new strategy implementation into the organization.

There are also visiting lectures from industries(eg. Jaguar Land Rover and other leading companies), who come to share their knowledge with students - adding value to the subject content. Thus, the learning process becomes more interesting, as it provides a combination of the best theories from books and practices from industries.

I would like to express gratitude to the OPSI tutor, Adrian Watt, who delivered this module - it definitely met my expectations!

My 2018 journey

Alissa Lola Bouab, MSc Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Looking back at 2018, many things happened. Of course there were ups and downs, but overall we can all be proud of personal achievements, big or small; noticeable to others or not.

Personally, 2018 was the year I finally finished my bachelors degree; did a big trip that involved camping in the wilderness in Canada; attended summer school in Denmark (because why not study a bit more?) and got accepted to study at WMG for a masters of Innovation and Entrepreneurship with a scholarship!

Looking back, it was also a tough year as I studied more than ever and had to push aside personal projects.

Here is the thing with studying, you have to enjoy it! But you also have to balance it out with personal projects so that your life is as fun and exciting as it can be. Be it a part-time job, a travelling addiction, or even a hobby; I learnt this year that it is important to work on different things at the same time. And studying a masters degree can be combined with those personal projects as most work is done remotely, in the comfort of your own home, whilst travelling or at the times that suit you best. Admittedly, this style of working requires a lot of self-discipline, but once you get the hang of it, you are able to do so much more by working on your personal development and your studies simultaneously. This is something that is often not possible whilst working full-time so I intend to make the most of it during the rest of my studies in 2019 by balancing my studies with more personal projects such as learning a new language, going travelling whilst studying and working part-time. These activities will bring a new dimension to my year of studying, giving me the ability to gain new experiences. I was actually writing this post whilst travelling through France, balancing a hobby of mine and my studies through the ability to work remotely.

What about you, what did you learn in 2018? And what do you intend to put in place in 2019 to make it an even better year?


Happy New Year, everyone. Take time to reflect and try new things in the new year!

WMG events: a chance to unwind

Damilola Oyedele, MSc Healthcare Operational Management

Hello and Happy New Year! I wrote this blog post before the Christmas break, and wanted to share the run up to Christmas with you...

Over here in MSc life, I had lots of to do in the run up to Christmas, including Post Module Assessments (PMAs), as well as my project research work. It seems that the work really begins to pick up towards the end of the year. On the bright side, even though the work is becoming more tasking, WMG definitely does a lot to take the stress off. There have been a series of events organized by the department to hep students wind down and relieve some of the stress going on around this time. I did not attend all of them, but I did attend some.

damilola_image3For starters, there was a dinner organized for scholarship winners. The dinner was a celebratory dinner for all students in the department who are studying on a scholarship. I am a WMG scholarship recipient. Many other people in attendance also received the same scholarship. Apart from the WMG scholarship, there were recipients of many other scholarships including Chevening, Commonwealth, Women in Engineering and many others in attendance. Although this happened last month, it was a nice opportunity to relax and meet new people from the department. Also, the food was amazing. The event was organised by the WMG recruitment team and it was definitely a blast. If you’re planning to join WMG in the next session, please make sure to check out some of the scholarship options.

Another event I attended was a Research Methods movie night. This event was not specifically organized for the Christmas period. It happens every month but this was my first time attending. We saw “The Post”, which is a really good movie. I enjoy every chance I get to watch women grow into confident, decision-making bosses. At the end of the movie, Dr Schrock pointed out to us, some of the things we might have missed in the body language of the actors. I really liked this event and might attend the next one.

There was also a disco roller party that I attended. I’ll start off by saying I have never skated in my entire life so this was a new one. I fell once I attempted to stand up while wearing the shoes. I didn’t do much better after that but it was definitely fun to try something new. The most recent event, and I think the last one was the Christmas party. There were two Christmas parties so that as many students as possible got to attend. I attended the second one and I had a lot of fun. Overall, while it has been a pretty busy period for me, I am thankful that I’ve also had some fun while working. Merry Christmas everyone! Have an amazing holiday!

Damilola_image1 Damilola_image2

Resources to Help Conquer your PMAs

Amanda Foo Min Lin, MSc Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Embarking on PMAs can be a daunting experience, especially if it is your first PMA. However, WMG has several resources that are available FOR FREE to help you understand the demands of your PMAs and how to ace them.

PMA Surgeries

PMA surgeries are generally designed to give you a second opinion on how your PMA looks so far. These 30-minute sessions are usually conducted by students currently pursuing their PhDs, which can be booked via the event booking system.

Question 1: What can I expect from a PMA surgery?

Your mentor will scan through your PMA to give you feedback and offer recommendations for improvement.

Question 2: Should I approach a mentor who is pursuing a PhD that is related to my course?

Answer: That’s not necessary! Personally, I booked a PMA surgery under Zakkiya Adam, who was pursuing a PhD in Urban Science and Progress CDT – quite different from Innovation and Entrepreneurship I must say! Despite the differences in subject expertise, she provided very helpful insights on how to improve my report format and answered all my questions regarding my PMA. Hence, don’t worry if all the mentors available are not familiar with your course content – just choose a mentor who matches your availability!

Question 3: How do I prepare for the PMA surgery?

Answer: Here are some tips to make your PMA surgery fruitful:

1. Prepare questions you may have regarding your PMA: highlight specific parts of your PMA which require attention and insert your questions into comments within the word document. This allows you to keep track of all the questions you have in mind. You can also type and save your mentor’s answers to your questions so that you can review and resolve them at a later time.

2. Complete as much of your PMA as possible before attending the PMA surgery: This ensures that the feedback you receive applies to the PMA as a whole and you make the most out of the 30-minute consultation session.

Personal Tutor

Sadly, PMA surgeries are not always available for booking all year round. However, you can always make an appointment with your personal tutor, who has been assigned to you at the beginning of the academic year. Like the PMA surgery mentors, your personal tutor will help you review your PMA and offer suggestions for improvement! Don’t miss this opportunity.

Your Lecturer

If you’re unsure if your approach to answering the PMA is on the right track, do drop your lecturer(s) an email! They will be more than happy to clarify any questions you may have and guide you in the right direction to conquer your PMA.

I hope this has been helpful in providing some tips on how to ace your PMAs! Do check your email and the events booking system periodically to keep abreast of all the different workshops and events WMG has organized to help you succeed in your PMAs.



Interlinked modules and Christmas

Chengyun Li, MSc Programme and Project Management

This afternoon, I just finished the module International Joint Venture (IJV). Upon reflection, like other attended modules OPP (Organization, People and Performance) and SCM (Supply Chain Management), the course IJV is informative and inspirational. Surprisingly, I found those modules are interlinked. In a context of IJV, resources are managed in a worldwide range which will demand efficient supply chain to realize an agile or lean performance. Internally, organizational structure, diversity, and performance should be optimized, to realise the company’s business strategies. During the IJV simulation exercise, knowledge and skills I learned from SCM and OPP spontaneously came to my mind. It indicates WMG’s devotion to make a comprehensive and systematic coverage of main subjects.

Simulation exercises and syndicated activities are engaging, practical and thought-provoking, which put you in real business circumstances and you are motivated to figure out reasonable solutions. You may be challenged many times, but from those difficulties you will learn what the practical case in reality is. At the end of each course, a course review is conducted to conclude what you have learned during the week and requirements of PMA (Post Module Assignment) is briefed. PMA acts not only as a measurement of what you have learned during the course, but also a catalyst of critically thinking of knowledge you acquired.

Christmas is around the corner. When you are struggling with your PMA, why not relax by experiencing local fantastic Christmas countdown activities. I went to Leamington spa for its countdown celebration with my friends a few days ago. There is a fantastic market along the street. Vendors from neighbouring towns are selling their self-made products like cakes, wines and decorations. On a chilly afternoon, nothing is more comforting than having a cup of warm, locally-made, seasonal mulled gin. After dinner, we stayed in a local cosy bar and had some drinks for a couple of hours.

Have you got any plan for Christmas holiday? Or maybe you are busy applying to a WMG course? I have got the Schengen visa and planned to visit Paris and Nice with some friends. During your study in UK, please also enjoy your time. It’s quite convenient to travel around UK and Europe. As the Chinese saying goes: “It is better to travel ten thousand miles than to read ten thousand books”.

Leamington Spa Market Rainbow across IMC
Leamington Spa's Christmas market Rainbow across WMG's IMC building

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