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Academic life at Warwick

Nurbek Abdollayev, MSc Engineering Business Management

I would like to share my experience of studying at Warwick University. The start of the academic year was very intensive, yet very productive! New people, new culture and new beginnings!

The academic life at Warwick University impressed me, not only by its “state-of-the-art” technology labs or workshops but also with its people: I mean tutors, supervisors, staff, and students also. Everybody is involved in academic life, and there is always support provided either from the course leaders or well-being team.

The first module or subject that I had was Operations Strategy in Industry or OPSI, for short! And, believe me, within two weeks we studied lots of meaningful things: I learned and applied different models and strategy frameworks, which I hadn’t heard or used before, but I highly admit that they are very important to business and I wish I could have used them before in my work. In addition, learning through case studies gave us deeper insight into the best practices and failures, which should be considered during new strategy implementation into the organization.

There are also visiting lectures from industries(eg. Jaguar Land Rover and other leading companies), who come to share their knowledge with students - adding value to the subject content. Thus, the learning process becomes more interesting, as it provides a combination of the best theories from books and practices from industries.

I would like to express gratitude to the OPSI tutor, Adrian Watt, who delivered this module - it definitely met my expectations!

How will I benefit from choosing EBM?

By: Gauri Tambe, MSc Engineering Business Management

Have you ever envisioned yourself at an escalated position in an engineering company, making diligent decisions, leading employees, planning and executing projects, organising resources, etc.? If yes, then by choosing Engineering Business Management, you have landed at the perfect place.

The design of the EBM modules covers all the aspects of a business. This proves as an added advantage as it enables to consider all the perspectives which is important in many business activities like planning, decision-making, etc. These modules are often filled with industrial experiences, market analysis, case studies which enriches your learning with the latest business knowledge and current trends.

Working in various teams for the in-module group activities polishes the overall skillset which includes planning, teamwork, adaptability, negotiations, etc. Delivering short presentations, in front of your friends, improves confidence and presentation skills.

Reading around the topic for the assignment leads to a better understanding of the subject and keeps you updated with the current industrial happenings. Critical thinking and writing involved in the assignment enables you to weigh both the pros and cons of a matter and helps to justify your opinions with evidences. This increases your ability to communicate and convince someone about your rationale.

The dissertation offers a wonderful opportunity to work on a project offered by the industry or research about something which you are passionate about or research in the area which you want to get into the future.

Today, many companies are going global and teams are becoming multicultural. So being a part of the global community at WMG, understanding different cultures, increases your skill of adaptability in a multicultural business environment. Also, the social events increase your professional grooming, mannerisms and etiquettes.

This course aims in the overall development of an individual, helping them to build their skillset, preparing them to face and excel in the corporate matrix. The EBM journey is all about positive transformation wherein the one-year experiences of EBM will enrich your personality and character, forging you into a better person than you were yesterday.

Tue 10 Jul 2018, 10:09 | Tags: Engineering Business Management 2017-18

Experiencing life in the UK

By: Gauri Tambe, MSc Engineering Business Management

All the preparations, planning and anticipation marked the beginning of my journey to the UK, even before my ‘actual journey’ began. Along with my usual luggage, I was carrying a mixed bag of emotions; Nervous and anxious as it was my first time studying away from my home, in a different country; Excited as I was awaiting a new, magical experience.

The magic began as I stepped onto Heathrow. I found the fast-paced life of London quite like my home, Mumbai. A student life is busy as it involves chores like laundry, cooking, etc. along with studies. However, there is always time for a weekend escape to places like the iconic London, educational Oxford, football-savvy Manchester, historic Greenwich, etc. UK, a fascinating blend of science and art offers something for everyone to quench their thirst of wanderlust. The only thing which makes UK infamous is its unpredictable weather with light rain showers, anytime!

UK is the home to people with varied nationalities and interests, thus facilitating happy cultural exchanges. I found that it is easier to make friends in the UK as people are approachable, helpful and respect your individuality. So, no matter whether you are a nerd, introvert, techie, chatterbox, etc., you will find someone of a similar interest and you will be accepted the way you are.

8 months passed by and it is indeed magical as I never felt away from home. Now, my friends are my family and the majestic UK, my home. My mixed bag of emotions is now filled with happy memories to cherish, lots of learnings and friendships for lifetime. It reminds me of the fact that no matter how different we are with respect to our cultures or which nation we belong to or which languages we speak, deep down we are all the same.

So, if you want a year full of unforgettable experiences and learnings, start packing and head to the UK!

P.S. Don’t forget your mixed bags of emotions.


Wed 27 Jun 2018, 14:45 | Tags: Engineering Business Management

Why I attended an Open Day

By Jiangling Zheng, MSc Engineering Business Management

I attended WMG Open Day last year, and I’m really glad that I did. On that day, I learned a lot about WMG course structure, the unique teaching style and teaching systems through the presentation from Admissions Tutor, John Waller. After the presentation, we had a campus tour, led by current students. It was great to see campus! Finally, I had an opportunity to talk directly with my course leader. The whole experience was really satisfying and pleasant, and the staff were all so helpful and friendly.

Attending Open Day helped me make a decision to study in WMG. When I talked with recruitment staff, current students and my course leader, I could feel the positive atmosphere, and the passion for research and teaching. It was then that I knew WMG was my best option for Master's study and I knew that I could be successful here.

If you’re considering Master’s study, I’d strongly recommend that you attend a WMG Open Day. It is true that nowadays there is a lot of information that you can find online. But how do you know that you will like this department and how do you know if you like the people there? You can only get these answers by visiting the campus and seeing from yourself. Master’s study is not easy, so you need to choose the place where you feel good, and the department and people you know you will be happy studying with.

Thu 19 Apr 2018, 14:41 | Tags: Engineering Business Management

Inspirational alumni talk

By: Manuela Rodríguez Melgar, Jiangling Zheng, Alejandro Fraga Eraso and Kingsley Chong

Alumni talk video

As Master’s students, it concerns us what is coming next after graduating. Last week, we had the opportunity to attend a special and inspirational lecture and networking session to learn first hand what can we expect as WMG students in the future.

We created the above video at the networking sessions so that you can hear from WMG alumni yourself, but also below are some key notes from the talk.

  • Raja Adeel Khalid, Senior Operations Manager at Amazon from the 2001-02 e-Business Management cohort, share that success is not a door that needs to be unlocked, but it is the result of thinking big, pushing ourselves out of the comfort zone and being able to take decisions when required. Contrary to what we constantly hear, he suggested us to know what we do not want because according to his journey from Toyota to Amazon in his 15 years of working experience, this is what keeps us far from making the wrong decisions.
  • In line with Raja, Christina Liaskou, Global Product Line Manager at Delphi from the Engineering Business Management 2013-14 cohort, suggested that WMG equip her with many tools that are crucial to face the challenges of the working environment, such as understanding the importance of collaboration and time management, as well as being part of a multicultural team. She added that the skills developed at WMG allowed her to be more competitive and Warwick’s prestige boosted her profile.
  • Regarding job applications, Guvanch Meredov, Tech Product and Digital Marketing Consultant at Google, encouraged us to apply to companies that we might think are “out of our league”, regardless of our nationality. He confessed that as a non European, he felt intimidated but his experiences proves that it is possible for international students to hold a position in leading companies in the UK. But that does not mean it is easy, he added that he got many rejections before Google’s offer and therefore, it is important to avoid giving up, work hard, but also, have fun while doing so.

We really enjoyed this event and felt very inspired from the life lessons we heard!

Why I chose to study for an MSc at WMG

By: Jiangling Zheng, MSc Engineering Business Management

My major of undergraduate is Electrical and Electronic Engineering. I felt that I might not be appropriate for a purely technical role in my future career. At the same time, I had a strong interest in management when I finished the business-related module in my final year. I wanted to know more about management in engineering. Therefore, I searched some top British Universities that provide engineering related management course. WMG jumped out!

There were several reasons that I choose WMG particularly. Firstly, I was attracted by the unique course structure of WMG. There is no exam during the year. The method of assessment is purely based on essay and dissertation. I got used to the learning style of preparing exams in my undergraduate. I wanted to give myself a challenge. Writing essay and answering exams are totally different. WMG gave me a good chance to get rid of exam preparing tactics and to practice my critically thinking and writing skills.

Secondly, teaching modules were exactly what I wanted to learn. Engineering Business Management combined the all the aspects of the overall strategy like operation strategy for industry and project management to the specific area of product design, quality control and logistics. Moreover, it also included financial, marketing and human resources parts. It provided a wide range of knowledge, suitable for me to explore what career I really wanted to do.

Then, I was a kind of student who was not good at applying theory into practice. I wanted to know what the real examples to solve the difficulties and what the real factories were. I looked WMG website. WMG was also famous for highly practical teaching style. It means that all the professors have a long year real working experience. Also, WMG provided plenty of industrial visits. This raised my attention.

Finally, I joined open day hold by WMG at the end of June in 2017. I talked with a lot of recruitment staffs and my course leader. They gave me a really good impression. I found that the WMG made me feel welcome. All my concerns were addressed. Also, I really liked Warwick campus. So, I turned down other offers after few days.

Currently, I am totally satisfied with my study and life. I meet many excellent professors and classmates. They are all intelligent and helpful. Hope you can also follow your heart, choosing the major, the university that you really like!

Fri 26 Jan 2018, 11:36 | Tags: Engineering Business Management