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Living in Coventry city centre

By: Yunchen Chen, MSc International Trade, Strategy and Operations

In general, students can apply for on-campus and off-campus accommodation. Before I came to the university, I hoped that I could be allocated to the on-campus accommodation. Unfortunately, I was allocated to off-campus accommodation in the city centre of Coventry. However, I realised that living in the Coventry city centre is a wonderful experience after I came here.

Mostly, students who are allocated to live in Coventry would either stay in City Village or Study Inn. City Village is where I live now. The location of City Village is brilliant. It is accessible to everywhere. You can walk to the main street in the city centre in five minutes. When you just arrive, you can shop in IKEA which is also only in ten minutes on foot. If you want to travel around U.K. by bus, the main bus station is also ten minutes’ walk from City Village. If you take a train, the train station is also only fifteen minutes away from here. However, it takes about half an hour to go to the university by bus from the city centre.

With regards to the facilities, City Village provides a wide variety of options. You can play pool with your friends in the common room. If you need to exercise, the gym is also there for you. When you need to have meetings with colleagues, the comfortable meeting rooms are also there. When you want to hold a party, you can also borrow the common room. It is a wonderful place to organize a party. Except for those entertainment facilities, City Village also organized various activities at random every month. They would provide free breakfast or fruits from time to time. Once a month, there would be movie time for the residents to enjoy together at night.

As for the type of room, there are studios and en-suites. All of the beds are small double beds which are more comfortable than single beds in most of the on-campus accommodation. The kitchens are all in modern design and also could be good options to hold warm parties among friends. However, all the stuff in the bedroom and kitchen should be prepared by the residents themselves.

Fri 18 May 2018, 15:16 | Tags: International Trade, Strategy and Operations

Inspirational alumni talk

By: Manuela Rodríguez Melgar, Jiangling Zheng, Alejandro Fraga Eraso and Kingsley Chong

Alumni talk video

As Master’s students, it concerns us what is coming next after graduating. Last week, we had the opportunity to attend a special and inspirational lecture and networking session to learn first hand what can we expect as WMG students in the future.

We created the above video at the networking sessions so that you can hear from WMG alumni yourself, but also below are some key notes from the talk.

  • Raja Adeel Khalid, Senior Operations Manager at Amazon from the 2001-02 e-Business Management cohort, share that success is not a door that needs to be unlocked, but it is the result of thinking big, pushing ourselves out of the comfort zone and being able to take decisions when required. Contrary to what we constantly hear, he suggested us to know what we do not want because according to his journey from Toyota to Amazon in his 15 years of working experience, this is what keeps us far from making the wrong decisions.
  • In line with Raja, Christina Liaskou, Global Product Line Manager at Delphi from the Engineering Business Management 2013-14 cohort, suggested that WMG equip her with many tools that are crucial to face the challenges of the working environment, such as understanding the importance of collaboration and time management, as well as being part of a multicultural team. She added that the skills developed at WMG allowed her to be more competitive and Warwick’s prestige boosted her profile.
  • Regarding job applications, Guvanch Meredov, Tech Product and Digital Marketing Consultant at Google, encouraged us to apply to companies that we might think are “out of our league”, regardless of our nationality. He confessed that as a non European, he felt intimidated but his experiences proves that it is possible for international students to hold a position in leading companies in the UK. But that does not mean it is easy, he added that he got many rejections before Google’s offer and therefore, it is important to avoid giving up, work hard, but also, have fun while doing so.

We really enjoyed this event and felt very inspired from the life lessons we heard!

What I like most about being a WMG student

By: Manuela Rodríguez Melgar, MSc International Trade, Strategy and Operations

In this vlog, Manuela tells us what she likes most about studying for a Master's degree at WMG.


Tue 13 Mar 2018, 14:32 | Tags: International Trade, Strategy and Operations

My WMG journey so far

By: Yun-Chen Chen, MSc International Trade, Strategy and Operations

For my undergraduate degree, I studied Finance and International Business. It was a pretty broad course. After I finished my undergraduate, I decided to learn something more specific. International Trade, Strategy and Operations is the course which provides me more specific knowledge. However, ITSO is the course under WMG, rather than the typical business school. There are a few reasons why I chose ITSO. Firstly, the teaching style of courses in WMG is totally different from the traditional business school. In the traditional business school, there will be lectures and exams. I spent four years receiving this kind of education, so I really wanted something different. The modules from ITSO are combined with lectures, seminars, simulation competition and industrial visit. We could put what we learned from lectures into practice. For example, in the Strategic Marketing module, we spent much time finding out the best marketing solution. Everyone is brainstorming and working hard united. You will get the feeling that you are really at work. It is not just a simulation.

Secondly, WMG provides various industrial visit opportunities for students which could broaden our horizons, especially for the industrial visits to Jaguar Land Rover. JLR is a world-famous company that most people could not even get a change to get into the headquarters. However, you can get in more easily as a WMG student!

Finally, it is the flexibility that made WMG course more attractive. Every module will probably finish in one week. Although during this week, you will feel so exhausted, you can arrange your time on your own after that. You are your own boss. It is also a good opportunity to learn self-control. Self-control is a key issue in life. If we could learn it at this stage, we will gain a lot!

Except for the study, you will meet people from all over the world. Moreover, they could be your most supportive friends in life! You will not only gain knowledge, but also learn much about different cultures! WMG hold a wonderful Christmas Party every year. Both professors and students enjoy this fun night very much!

Below is a photograph taken at the Christmas party!


Mon 29 Jan 2018, 15:10 | Tags: International Trade, Strategy and Operations