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WMG Environmental Research Seminar


4th March 2020, 1 - 2pm, University of Warwick, IDL Auditorium, Coventry

With the Global Climate emergency, researchers and organisations are integrating a consideration of environmental issues through research into sustainable products and practices to tackle the issues around climate change.

WMG researchers have come together for this lunchtime seminar to discuss current research of sustainable materials, circular economy and renewable energy.

Join us for this free event and discover the impact current environmental research and developments are having on manufacturing and industry.

Guest Speakers

Dr Peter Wilson, Research Fellow

Circular Economy of Polymer Composites

Dr Chandrika Nair, CENTS Network Manager:

CENTS – Linking Academic Creativity with Industry Insight to Make Transportation Systems more Circular

Rika Nair is passionate about enabling the potential of research to tackle real-world problems with innovation. Trained as a microbiologist (PhD, Imperial College London), she has chosen the path of research project management, first as project manager of an EPSRC research network, ‘Bridging the gap between the Engineering/Physical Sciences and Antimicrobial Resistance’ (led by Prof Matt Keeling at Warwick), then as a research development officer at Coventry University, where she helped to shape the research strategy and bidding activity of a new research centre in Financial and Corporate Integrity.

Dr Adrian Lopera-Valle, Research Fellow:

EcoBulk project: circularity in composite materials for construction and automotive industries

Dr. Adrian Lopera-Valle is currently a Research Fellow at the Sustainable Materials and Manufacturing group at WMG. He received a PhD in Materials Engineering and an MSc in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Alberta in Canada. Adrian’s career has been focused on applying engineering solutions to sustainable development. This includes bio-sourced polymer composites for packaging applications, polymer-based smart food packaging to reduce meat waste, and thermal spayed coatings to decrease ice accretion on wind turbine blades. Currently, He is particularly interested in the developments of sustainable polymer composite materials.

Dr James Winnett, Senior Research Fellow:

James Winnett has a MEng (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Warwick where he also completed his PhD in Engineering, the main focus of which was based around the manufacture of strong, lightweight porous structures. He is currently involved in the development of very light, self-propelled rail vehicles for rural/regional alingnments as well as for use on-street. His primary interest is in the transfer of innovative, yet proven technologies from other transport sectors to improve the uptake of novel solutions within the rail sector. This has been through the use of alternative materials and structures to realise rail vehicles with at least half the weight of current, conventional alternatives, as well evaluations of the life cycle emissions and costs in implementing these alongside advanced powertrains. He also plays a key role in assessing the existing legislature for introducing new rail vehicles, and investigating the optimal strategy that enables pioneering technologies to be utilised without compromising system safety.

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