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Creating Business Excellence


  • To understand the fundamental concepts that underpin non-prescriptive approaches to achieving sustainable excellence in an engineering enterprise.

Outline Syllabus

  • Introduction to Engineering Enterprise Management.
  • Fundamental concepts of excellence related to organizations.
  • System of profound knowledge.
  • Key principles and practices of organizational learning.
  • Measurement of results.
  • Benchmarking.
  • Self-assessment.
  • Comparisons of various excellence models.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding how non-prescriptive management models help organizations to measure and improve their progress on the path to sustainable excellence.
  • Understanding the concepts that underpin sustainable excellence.
  • Recognising the need for and benefits of self-assessed approaches to excellence.
  • Understanding the relationships between enabling activities and organizational results.
  • Understanding and critical analysis of the operational aspects of various excellence models.
  • Critical analysis of the results of self-assessment.
  • Relating organizational practices to the extent of application of the system of profound knowledge.
  • Planning and conducting organizational self-assessment.