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Module Review

Below are the comments made in class and in writing on this module. Only the suggestions for improvement that have been made in writing are shown here together with my comments on those suggestions. If you would like to continue the discussion on any of the points made below please create a new thread on the discussion forum and contribute to existing threads. Thank you for your suggestions, all of which are taken seriously.

In-class Review


Areas for improvement

Tutor's comment

Blogging interesting Explain the importance of time and task management Agreed.
Reflection on learning and discussion with other people

Individual suggestions for improvement


Tutor's comment

The mini-projects had nothing to do with leadership and there wasn't really a lesson for leadership, it was a self lesson. The module does not consider leadership in isolation. As seen in the learning objectives it covers policy deployment, social responsibility and performance management. The lessons on leadership should have come from the practices employed during the mini-projects and the exercises. There were plenty of opportunities to learn about leadership through the experiences offered on the module, but leadership starts with the desire to lead and it was left to individuals to make that choice.

Change the groups around - some members weren't pulling equal share of the tasks and by changing groups, the effect could have been minimized.  

Changing the groups. I learnt a lot about the importance of competence within a group, an issue raised with fellow students.

Unlike in the "Apprentice", it would be difficult to change the groups for each mini-project and award marks for the work done and so I would rather that group changes were made for the exercises to give everyone experience of working in different teams.

Probably less group work.

Try to reduce the time, although the designated time is 60 hours, the real amount of time required to produce quality work was more than this.

This module will take us more than 100 hours. I really enjoyed it but I was not prepared for two full weeks at work in class. Maybe it would be better if we knew it beforehand and be prepared.

If you work effectively in teams doing the mini-projects, you learn far more than could be achieved by attending lectures and you not only learn about the topic, but you experience leadership and followership. I appreciate the 'overtime' that you did resulted in extremely good appreciation of the subjects studied and your ability to relate this to the WaveRider case study. However, time is a resource and as leaders you chose to spend more of that resource than was allocated for the mini-projects.

I recommended that you spent no more than 2 hours on mini-project one, but I did not prescribe the amount of time to be spent on the other projects because it was possible to work out from the timetable the time available for these, based on the time allocated for the seminars, presentations and exercises.

Maybe more exercises I do have additional exercises and I shall incorporate one more and reduce the number of seminars.
I would suggest tutor became more close to all groups during mini-projects implementation. Throughout the two weeks I was available for consultation either by email or meeting but I received no request for either. I do not believe that unrequested interventions by the tutor would be in the best interests of the tasks or the experience of leadership.

Market more to part time students who may provide more experiences to discuss.

Point taken, although there is a leadership module dedicated to the part-time programme and so there are unlikely to be many applicants for this module.