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The MSc in Cyber Security Engineering is designed for those wishing to develop a career as a cyber security professional.

Cyberspace comprises the network of digital devices, used to store, modify and communicate information. It is global. It is interactive. It changes our environment. It extends beyond the Internet. It mediates interaction between individuals and groups. It is pervasive. It is an enabler where context is everything. Much is possible; only some is desirable.

Our world is increasingly shaped by cyberspace. Opportunities for interaction are emerging in ways, only imagined by previous generations. As the influence of cyberspace in our lives continues to grow, so does the associated security risk.

As organisations worldwide harness the opportunities of cyberspace, they create huge demand for cyber security professionals. Cyber security professionals who can function at various strata within an organisation - server room, operations room, board room - you choose. Their task is beguilingly simple: enable the good and prevent the bad.


On completion, successful candidates will be able to:

  • Engage in evidence-based cyber debate in a variety of contexts using appropriate cyber terminology
  • Analyse which cryptographic solution would address specific information assurance requirements
  • Evaluate the validity of processess used in a digital forensics investigation
  • Analyse the security architechtures of a communications network
  • Analyse information risk exposure
  • Relate organisational imperatives to cyber opportunities and constraints
  • Evaluate the cyber posture of an enterprise