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In 2010, the UK government announced a 650 million pound investment strategy into Cyber Security & declared that Cyber-Security had become a ‘tier 1’ priority alongside international terrorism and major national incidents. The UK is one of many governments around the world which recognize the serious nature of the threat that is emerging from the cyber-sphere.

WMG is a highly industry focused University department in which students study in a department which participates in cutting edge world leading research. Our students are presented with an environment wherein industry works very closely with the academics and quite often students as well. This means that your experience in WMG will be unique.

Our goal for the MSc programme is to give focus to the strategic deployment and implementation of Cyber Security within an organization. We want to develop strategic thinkers who understand the Cyber threat to an organization and its resources and are able to build and support secure systems that support the strategic growth of a business.

The Masters course covers the most important technical concepts of security—such as encryption, intrusion detection, penetration testing, access control, digital forensics/investigation, risk management and security governance, at the same time, the course focuses on the business context so that students can progress their careers more rapidly through organisations and aim very particularly at management positions.

Learning Outcomes

  • Engage in evidence based cyber debate in a variety of contexts using appropriate cyber terminology
  • Critically analyse which cryptographic solutions would address specific information assurance requirements
  • Critically evaluate the validity of processes used in a digital forensics investigation
  • Critically analyse the security architecture of a communications network
  • Critically analyse information risk exposure
  • Relate organisational imperatives to cyber opportunities and
  • constraints
  • Critically evaluate the cyber posture of an enterprise