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MSc in International Technology Management

Many of the best known companies in the world (including, for example, Microsoft, Nokia, Rolls Royce and Sony) base their global commercial success on their ability to innovate and apply new technologies in both products and operating processes. These abilities are now becoming critical for any organization wishing to operate successfully on the international stage. The International Technology Management (ITM) programme is designed to provide an interdisciplinary perspective on the key issues facing such organizations, covering a wide range of topics including:

  • Collaborative Product Development
  • Product Design and Development Management
  • Supply Chain Integration
  • Technology Management
  • Financial Analysis & Control Systems
  • Global Business Environment
  • International Joint Ventures
  • Organizations, People & Performance


  • How to exploit and develop a company’s global knowledge base
  • How to generate solutions through product and process development
  • How to continually improve international competitiveness
  • How to contribute to the strategic aspects of design management.
  • How to understand the impact of e-business technologies on the international competitive environment.
  • How to contribute to the management of international operations and collaborative activities.
  • How to manage the development, acquisition and operation of technology in a global competitive environment.

The course is designed to produce well-trained analytical thinkers who are equipped to tackle the intellectual and practical challenges of managing innovation and technological change to enhance competitiveness. Hence, graduates of this course could expect to take up positions as managers and leaders in a wide variety of key functions within manufacturing or service organisations, particularly where technology plays a significant part in business success. Having developed strong understanding of how technology can best be exploited to contribute to global success, students will be especially suited to roles in companies which operate internationally.

With further experience, graduates of this course would expect to attain a key executive role and be responsible for leading strategy and policy. They will have the skills and knowledge necessary to benchmark organizational performance against world best-in-class and the ability to drive corporate transformation and improvement in a global context.