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MSc in Management for Business Excellence

Excellence within an engineering enterprise is a combination of internal excellence in how things are done (enablers), that lead to outstanding business performance (results).  Excellence is recognised worldwide through awards such as the European Quality Award, the Baldrige Award and the Deming Award as well as national awards that are based on these.  This programme has been designed to deliver a detailed understanding of the philosophies, strategies, processes and techniques that enable and deliver enterprise excellence in technology-based organisations.


On completion, successful candidates will understand:

  • The fundamental concepts that underpin non-prescriptive approaches to achieving sustainable excellence in an engineering enterprise.
  • How leaders develop, facilitate and manage the achievement of the mission and vision via a clear stakeholder focused strategy, supported by relevant policies, objectives, targets and plans, implemented through appropriate actions and behaviours that conform to developed values required for long term success, thereby ensuring that the organization’s management system is developed and implemented.
  • How organizations manage and improve processes to support policy and strategy and fully satisfy, and generate increasing value for customers and other stakeholders. In particular it focuses on the reduction of waste, variability and associated costs through Six Sigma approaches.
  • How organizations develop, manage and plan design processes to support policy and strategy and fully satisfy, and generate increasing value for customers and other stakeholders. It uses the design for six sigma methodology as an approach to design for excellence. In particular it focuses on the management and reduction of risk as well as capturing customer requirements. It also considers all the factors affecting excellence in design.
  • How organisations design and develop robust products and processes that support a business’s policy and strategy, and satisfy and increase value for its customers and other stakeholders. In particular, it examines methods to ensure a design and its supporting project process, is consistently and inherently robust against operational failure, poor safety and changing customer requirements.
  • How organisations plan and manage resources and assets, to support a business’s policy and strategy and to ensure the effective operation of its processes. In particular, it focuses on the use of quantitative and qualititive data, together with creative problem solving, to maximise engineering asset and resource potential.
  • How to identify a path which can lead to better performance, whether this involves progressing from Good to Excellent, from Acceptable to Good, or from Unacceptable to Acceptable in the quest for continuous improvement of sub-systems or processes.
  • How to apply your knowledge, skills and attitudes to effectively manage people and lead change.
  • Understand the main accounting statements together with awareness of basic accounting principles, terminology and techniques, so that they can interpret financial reports and interpret financial information as an aid to effective operational financial planning and control.

Graduates of this course could expect to find employment as managers and leaders of business development, new product development, manufacturing, quality assurance, human resource management or customer services. Students will develop key management and technology skills, including leadership, customer focused product and process development, asset and resource management, and 6-sigma to enable them to drive excellence across an enterprise.

With further experience, graduates of this course would expect to attain a key executive role and be responsible for leading strategy and policy. They will have the skills and knowledge necessary to benchmark organizational performance against world best-in-class and the ability to drive corporate transformation and improvement, leading to international recognition of the enterprise for all aspects of corporate performance including market share, customer satisfaction, employee development and financial results, to name but a few.