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PPM Additional Qualifications

For some students on the Programme and Project Management degree there are additional qualifications which would complement their Warwick MSc and which might be of interest to the student, or which might be attractive to particular employers by extending the Warwick studies in directions of value to them.

Specific examples are:

Because of the variety of such qualifications and the needs of different students it is not practical to offer these within the PPM degree. However for many students it makes good sense to extend their knowledge while the Warwick learning is still fresh in their minds. For some a September course, immediately after the completion of their dissertation oral, would be ideal.

There are many training organisations offering courses leading to such qualifications, either by classroom teaching or by distance learning. Some of these will offer discounts to Warwick students.

In particular:

Warwick are not able to endorse or recommend these or other courses, having not examined them in any detail. Individual students can choose which course and provider best meets their needs. However we are happy to have arranged discounts for the potential benefit of our students.

Be aware that time taken for such studies would not be viewed as a valid justification for late submission of course work!