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The Sustainable Automotive Engineering (SAE) programme is ideally suited to those aspiring to become research managers and technology leaders within the strategically important areas of vehicle electrification and sustainability. You will have the management skills, technical awareness, and vision to assess different technology options within the context of environmental legislation and consumer expectations for vehicle quality, reliability, and performance.



On completion, successful candidates will be able to:

  • Critically evaluate different powertrain concepts, within the context of political, technological, environmental and social challenges relevant to the automotive supply chain and to synthesise alternative designs.
  • Critically evaluate different materials options and manufacturing processes within the context of a full life-cycle assessment of the sustainability of different vehicle concepts and subsystem designs.
  • Demonstrate the ability to independently design, analyse and verify the operation of electronic control and software systems that underpin the performance, safety and sustainability of vehicle powertrain system.
  • Independently plan and implement a programme of individual research including the effective written and oral dissemination of the research outcomes.