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MSc in Supply Chain & Logistics Management

The Course content is structured around the key value creating processes within sets of manufacturing and service companies which constitute a complete supply chain; and the contracts and relationships and technologies which enable these processes. These core competencies are placed within the context of the global economy. The central content is the concept of a supply network, constructing the relationships which bring it into being, commissioning the technologies which enable it to operate, managing the input, the material and information flow, and distributing the product. This will be supported by the availability of personal development opportunities in more generally applicable competencies such asstatistical method, quality management, business and industrial law and improving personal performance.


On completion, successful candidates will be able to:

  • Conduct Market Analysis and create Business Winning process, product and service proposals.
  • Locate and enlist suitable suppliers, constructing productive and motivating contracts.
  • Apply the concepts of Systems Integration, and Concurrent Business Design to the Design and Development of Processes, Products and Services.
  • Comprehend the implications and benefits of regarding a set of companies as an extended enterprise, and hence the need for mutually beneficial arrangements, sharing data through Inter-Enterprise Resource Planning and control.
  • Evaluate, manage and improve, Service, Operational and Supply Chain processes.
  • Evaluate and manage appropriate enabling technologies, including information and communication technologies and relevant physical technologies, such as materials handling, transport and storage.
  • Apply an underpinning knowledge of strategy development, innovation, design, operation and performance management.