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MSc in Service Management & Design

Service is at the heart of a new business paradigm that assumes co-creation of value across a network of suppliers. Many businesses have been driven to reinvent themselves to meet global challenges as they change their business model for commercial advantage. This transition requires strong leadership that blends multidisciplinary expertise.

This MSc course is suitable for you if you want to work as a leader or manager in service based industries. You will learn the systems and techniques used to manage service industries and creation of value in the business across suppliers within the industry and within industry processes.



Through a combination of both practice and academic rigour you will develop the skills and knowledge to be able to:

Throughly understand customer needs, be able to manage business performance through the development of personal awareness/capabilities for managing services.Understand the importance of experience and value to all stakeholders and be able to create a stakeholder map and use it to inform service design or redesign.Develop awareness of excellence in service from a variety of sectors from across the globe.Understand the lifecycle of service systems and have a working knowledge of tools, techniques and trends for service design and management.Understanding the principles of selling services and the implications on structuring a service organisation.Gain the theoretical knowledge to understand and explain the emergent behaviour of systems and recognise the importance of data, process control and measures to drive the right behaviour.Appreciate costing techniques and the implications of networks of value and lifecycle cost models to make the right decisions.Have awareness of information systems and enabling technologies for service.