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Module Evaluation

The principles behind the module evaluation process are:

  • To control quality and to assist in continuous improvement.
  • To ensure that the impression that staff gain from the delivery of a module is matched by the student impression/experience

To this end WMG adopt the following process:

  1. You will be issued with individual session review forms at the start of the module (this should be included in each course manual, please bring it to the module tutor’s attention if it is missing).
  2. Towards the end of the module you will be issued with Module evaluation questionnaires, which you complete in a specifically timetabled period before the end of the module
  3. The tutor will retrieves ALL module evaluation questionnaires and session review forms as available, before you leave at the end of the module (both these forms may be anonymous, if you wish).
  4. The tutor will review all the returned questionnaires and session review forms and then produce a summary form for the module running (or several runnings if they occur to a similar cohort of students within a short space of time)
  5. The issues raised on the summary form as requiring course management attention will be discussed at course management meetings and feedback from them provided to the tutor
  6.  The actions proposed as a result of the module evaluation process will be posted on the full-time MSc web-site

Session Review

These forms are kept by the Module Tutor.  They are used to provide feedback to individual presenters and to indicate the need for changes in content or presenter.  It is therefor extremely helpful if you can complete it a fully and honestly as possible.  Any constructive suggestions for improvement are very welcome.  If you wish, you may omit your name from the top of the page, although it can be useful for the tutor to know the origin of the comments, particularly with respect to the commentor’s background and prior experience.

Overall Module Review

At the end of the module you will each be asked to complete an overall review form which will ask:

  • Whether you had the necessary prior knowledge/experience to enable you to benefit from the module (i.e. did you have, for example, sufficient mathematical and/or IT knowledge to be able to understand the techniques introduced/used in the module)
  • Whether, on the basis of the tutor’s explanation of what he/she was looking for from the module assignment, you believe that you are in a position to carry out the private study necessary to complete the assignment appropriately
  • What elements of the module did you find the most informative?
  • What improvements you think could be made? (please be specific and constructive)
  • Whether you “enjoyed” the module
  • Whether you were satisfied with the quality of the module?

As mentioned above the tutor will collect in your review forms at the end of the module and summarise them for review by the Full-time MSc course management committee.  The tutor's summary will be posted on the relevant module web-page.

Module Review Forum 

If you feel that the tutor's summary is not a true reflection of the views of the module participants, you can post a message with your views on the Module Review Feedback Forum for the attention of the Programme Management.