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Progress Monitoring

During March/April your project supervisor will be asked to complete a questionnaire on your progress on your project; you will also be asked to complete a questionnaire on your progress (coursework and project).  Your report, that of your project supervisor and your coursework performance record will then be reviewed by the Programme Manager; if necessary – or desirable - you may be invited to attend a progress interview.  If there are concerns regarding your progress in course work or project, you will be counselled and monitored more closely to maximise you chances of success in the degree.  If your progress is particularly poor, then you may be advised to withdraw from the course.

Supervisors are asked to respond to another project progress questionnaire during July and some students may be asked to attend a second interview at this time.

At both these times you will be asked for your comments on the course in general, which, together with student responses to an overall course review in September, will provide an input to the on-going course development process.