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Geography of WMG

Warwick Manufacturing Group is spread over six buildings in two locations: on Main Campus in the International Automotive Research Centre (IARC); the International Manufacturing Centre (IMC); the International Digital Laboratory (IDL); the School of Engineering, and on Westwood Campus at the Arden House Complex, which includes Arden and the Engineering Management Building (EMB), as shown on the University campus maps.

Access to the IMC, IARC and IDL is security controlled and uses the university staff/student card. Access to the IMC is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Provisions for such access can be found under the link on the right hand side of this page. Access to the IDL building outside normal working hours is limited to staff. Access to rooms in the IARC is allowed for staff only, or students accompanied by staff.

In general throughout the University rooms are designated by a 3 digit number, the first digit of which indicates the floor on which the room is located. Room numbers in Arden are prefixed by A, the rooms in EMB and IMC have no prefix and the IARC is open plan, so rooms may not have individual designations.

There are three locations generally used for lectures on the MSc programmes – the IMC, the IDL and on the Arden Complex. There are two lecture rooms (IMC 104 & IMC 106), a computer laboratory (IMC 105) and a Project Room (IMC 113) equipped with PCs and printing facility on the first floor as well as two lecture rooms (IMC 004 and 006) and an auditorium on the ground floor of the western block of the IMC. In the eastern block of the IMC (sometimes referred to as “Phase 3”) there are two lecture rooms on the first floor (IMC 115 and 114) and three on the second floor (IMC 246, 249 and 250). There are several lecture rooms in the Arden Complex (either in the Engineering Management Building or in Arden itself) and another PC lab in EMB. Other locations around campus are used on occasion.