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Industrial Visits

WMG organises up to 40-45 Industrial Visits to local national and international companies per academic year, so that students have the opportunity to see, at first-hand industry in action and to learn about their systems, products and processes.

There are two types of visits:

  • In-module visits – these are focused & specific to the module which is being studied and are arranged by module leaders during term time.
  • Supplementary Visits – these are a wider variety, we aim to have at least 1 visit per week and there are generally up to 30 spaces, depending on how many visitors companies can accommodate. We advertise on our events system so that all students have the opportunity to reserve and book their place throughout the academic year.

We aim to source Industrial Visits from a variety of industries such as within the Automotive, Food and Drink, Information Technology, Manufacturing and Construction areas. Our visits can occur more than once as they are very popular and are to leading companies within the UK. We always have our students in mind when booking the visits so that they have the opportunity to relate the industrial visit to their studies.

Industrial Visits planned this year:

  • Jaguar Land Rover, we have 3 separate sites that we visit including Solihull, Castle Bromwich and Gaydon - this is so you get to see the design studios as well as the manufacturing plants.
  • Dairy Crest Distribution Centre, Nuneaton
  • Britvic Soft Drinks
  • National Museum of Computing, Milton Keynes
  • Bletchley Park, Milton Keynes
  • Two Towers Brewery, Birmingham
  • Morgan Motor Company, Malvern
  • East End Foods, West Bromwich
  • JCB
  • Amazon, Dunstable
  • Argos Distribution Centre
  • CEMEX Rugby Cement
  • MINI Plant Oxford
  • Dennis Eagle, Warwick
  • NPS Shoe Factory
  • Norton Motorcycles

And many more, we also advertise key exhibitions which are taking place, based either in Birmingham or London.

In Module Visits planned this year:

  • Yodel South Site Offices
  • Palletways Fradley Distrubution Park
  • Palletforce Burton on Trent
  • BT NDC
  • UTL/Dairy Crest
  • Palletline PLC
  • Halfords
  • Wincanton
  • PetShopBowl
  • PetShopBowl
  • Yodel South Site Offices
  • Sainsbury's NDC / Wincanton Nestle Purina NDC
  • Sainsbury's DHL
  • Palletways Fradley Distrubution Park
  • Yodel
  • Sainsburys/DHL
  • British Gas

The University of Warwick

The University of Warwick itself, is a very large site, expanding all the time with new workshops and machinery being evolved. In the near future we are aiming to introduce regular onsite visits, this gives students the opportunity to speak to key leaders, ask questions and see what goes on in buildings around them.

Booking a Visit

Industrial Visits are booked via our Online Booking System

The visits available are all displayed, and are updated regularly. Students cannot miss a module to attend an industrial visit.

WMG pay for many of the visits and organise transport (coach or minibuses), therefore if students have booked a place but can no longer attend, they must cancel their place by giving no less than 24 hours' notice via the event booking system. Failure to give sufficient notice, or not attending the visit, could result in them receiving a permanent ban to attend future events or having a record of non-attendance noted on their student profile in Tabula.

Attending a Visit

Departure details & guidance on conduct are emailed, once students have booked onto a visit and a reminder email will be sent prior to the visit.

On the Visit

All visitors must ensure they pay careful attention to health and safety briefings and ensure that they adhere to restrictions on photography. Industrial Visits are arranged either in the mornings or afternoons and generally last no more than 3 hours, it may sometimes be a longer day depending on where we are travelling to. Lunch is not provided, so it is advertised to bring a snack to eat on the coach with you.

Feedback and Suggestions

After attending an Industrial Visit, students are asked to complete a feedback form this feedback, is valuable data as it helps us to improve our service.

We are also keen to expand our Industrial Visits Portfolio and encourage you to send through your ideas to our suggestion box

It takes times time to negotiate new Industrial Visits as not all companies offer them in the first instance, but we will endeavour to follow through on all your suggestions.

Any further questions, can be sent to Jas Kaur who is the Industrial Visits Coordinator at WMG.