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Industrial Visits

WMG organises Industrial Visits to local companies to give you the opportunity to see, at first-hand, industry in action and to learn about their systems, products & processes.

There are two types of visit:

  • In-module visits – these are focused & specific to the module topic and are available only to students attending that module (and indeed are compulsory for them!)
  • Supplementary Visits – these are of a wider variety and approximately 2 are organised per month throughout the year.

In previous years the following companies have been visited (some several times!):

  • Rolls-Royce, Derby
  • Jaguar, Castle Bromwich
  • Pedigree Masterfoods
  • Peugeot Cars, Daventry
  • TNT Logistics, Dordon
  • Evesham Technology, Evesham
  • Severn Trent Water, Wishaw
  • Taylor Hobson, Leicester

Booking a Visit

You can book yourself on to an Industrial Visit via our On-line Booking System

The system will prompt you to enter your ITServices ID and password, unless you are already signed into the University Insite Intranet

The visits available are all displayed – you will need to watch out for up-dates as new visits may be arranged at any time and places on visits may become available if anyone cancels. Click on the visit title & additional information about the visit is provided. Check that a visit booking does not clash with your module schedule – you may NOT miss module sessions for an industrial visit.

You can select or de-select visits at any time BUT if you de-select a visit less than 2 weeks before it takes place, you will be required to submit your reasons to James Pennington, the Visits co-ordinator, or forfeit the opportunity of another visit. Initially bookings are limited to 2 visits, but this may be extended later in the year.

Attending a Visit

Departure details & guidance on conduct will be emailed to you one you have booked onto a visit and a reminder will be sent 2 weeks prior to the visit. Remember to turn up promptly – the bus won’t wait for you. Students who do not turn up will NOT be offered another opportunity. Remember – you will learn more if you ask questions during the visit.

Pay careful attention to safety briefings & adhere to restrictions on photography. There may be opportunities to buy souvenirs!