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Computing Facilities

The University provides guidance to students on various IT related matters.

In order to use University IT Facillities, you need to register with IT Services (ITS). This is done by accessing the ITS Registration web page and having available the following information:

  • Your University number (a 7-digit number which is printed on your library card and was used in your application documentation)
  • Your date of birth
  • A password that you can remember and also complies with the University's password guidance
  • A mobile phone or alternative email address to receive messages about recovering your account

If you are unsure of the procedure for registration you should seek advice from the ITS Help Service.

Once you have activated your ITS user account and password, you can at any time update your password and set up some “challenge questions” so that in future if you forget your password you can reset it yourself. The URL to do both of these activities is

Health, Safety and wellbeing guidance, aimed at helping you avoid or reduce problems arising from computer use (including laptops, tablets and smart phones) can be found at We recommend that you take a break (get up and move) every 30 minutes when using laptops, tablets, and smart phones, every 30 - 60 minutes when using a main computer workstation.