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WMG Student Computing Facilities

WMG provides several computing labs for its students, 3 rooms in the IMC and 1 in EMB. These are available for WMG Postgraduate student use during normal building opening hours unless booked for a module. The PC Laboratories in IMC have a door code which will be given to you during induction. Please do not share this with anyone outside of WMG. It is in your own interest not to pass this code onto anyone else and to keep the doors latched, especially if you are the last to leave the room.

All the laboratory machines need a user name and password to be able to access the software. You may, at the recommendation of your project supervisor, apply for an individual user ID and password, for specific access to project related software. However, the majority of users will be able to use the generic user names and passwords that have been set up. The usernames and passwords are indicated in a separate document for security reasons.

Use of WMG PC labs

Please note the following:

  • The WMG computing facilities are subject to strict usage limitations and the penalties for misuse are severe.
  • No smoking, eating or drinking is permitted in the PC labs
  • Only authorised persons may use the machines. (You may be required to prove your identity at any time).
  • Users must not move, tamper with or attempt to modify any of the machines.
  • It is not permitted for users to load any software onto the machines.
  • The software available on the machines must not be copied for any purpose. Users should not copy systems files nor attempt to access such files except for the purpose for which they are available.
  • All PC laboratories are monitored on 24 hour closed circuit television surveillance with continuous video recording. University equipment (PCs, printers, plotters etc.) may NOT be taken away from the Department for use by students.

The PCs in the WMG PC Laboratories are pre-configured by WMG IT. Students are NOT PERMITTED to load software onto these PCs or to alter their configuration in any way. Please DO NOT attempt to connect unauthorised PCs or laptops to the WMG network or add or modify any files on the C: drive of these PCs - the hard disks of these PCs are routinely wiped of spurious files.

If you need to temporarily store a document whilst you are using a machine in a PC Laboratory use the TEMPORARY file storage area.

Information on how to connect to the University network using wireless hotspots can be found on the ITS web site.

Error reporting

If there is a problem with any of the equipment in WMG laboratories it should be reported to IMC or EMB reception or the IT support team as soon as possible.
Please make a note of the name of the computer you wish to report (there should be a sticker with a name beginning 'IMTL' or 'EMTL' on the front).


The WMG Standard Software Suite is installed and available on the PCs in the WMG PC Laboratories. In addition there are a number of software packages installed that are used for teaching purposes, some of which require security dongles or special licenses and are not available for every day use.
The WMG Standard Software Suite comprises:

Windows 10 Enterprise x64 edition
Microsoft Office Suite 2016 Including Visio
Microsoft Project 2016
Microsoft Internet Explorer 11, Edge
Adobe Acrobat Reader DC
Class Warehouse simulation
Nuance PDF Professional

Additional software used for teaching purposes:
Microsoft Visual Studio (Basic & C++) Community
ABB Robot Studio
Altova Mission Kit 2017, Authentic 2017
CES Edupack 2017
Gabi Education
Flexsim 6
Dassault Systemes Catia/Delmia
Matlab 2017b
Solidworks Office Professional 2017 Edu
Mindjet MindManager
VLC Player

Additional add-ins updated as required include Mozilla Firefox, Adobe Flash player.