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DMM Laboratory

The DMM course uses a number of state-of-the-art software applications that require special facilities, these are located in the WDL Incubator (IMC013). This facility has a coded access system. 

This facility requires special login codes that will be made available to registerd DMM students only. Unlike the general PC Laboratories it will not be possible for other students to use this facility. 


10 Sun Ultra20 PC workstations running Windows x64 edition

  •  AMD Opteron processors
  • 2 Gb RAM
  • Nvidia Quadro FX1400 graphics
  • USB and Firewire ports


  • Delmia V5R17 Process Detailing and Validation Suite
    • Robotics
    • Assembly
    • Human
  • Delmia D5R17 QUEST - Factory Flow simulation
  • Dassault Systems CATIA and SmarTeam products
  • SolidWorks CAD software
  • CosmosWorks Analysis software
  • Altova XML Suite (XML Spy, Mapforce, Stylevision, Semantic Works and Schema Agent)
  • Visual Paradigm UML Suite
  • Microsoft Office
  • Visual Studio (not yet working - needs new .NET Framework_
  • Eclipse IDE
  • Java 1.5