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Attendance at Classes

Course work consists of full attendance on modules and formal assessment of performance on those modules. Tutors will report unauthorised incomplete attendance on modules and, in these circumstances, you may not be allowed to submit the associated assignment, or the assignment may be subject to a penalty.

Departments are also required to report to the centre of the University at regular intervals throughout the year on students' attendance and to identify those students whose attendance is a cause for concern. If you have missed key monitoring points (which include attendance on modules) without adequate explanation you may referred to the 'Continuation of Registration Committee' and/or reported to the UKVI.

If you are prevented for medical (or other major) reasons from attending a module (or part thereof) you should submit to your programme office, a written statement of the reason for the absence, with a medical certificate if possible. Without such a statement, you will lose the credit for the module. The tutor will determine if it is possible for you to "make up" the missed session(s) through additional work; if it is not possible for you make up the missed session, then you will not be credited with the module and will have to make arrangements with the Programme Manager to attend some or all of the module (or a replacement) at a different time.

Full attendance on modules is expected. It is essential that you attend the first session of each module on time, as it is during this session that the tutor will brief you as to the sessions of the module that will contribute to the assessment. If you miss this session you will not be credited with having attended any of the module; absence from any session, but in particular those which contribute to the module assessment, could affect your awarded mark for the module .

Session presenters may refuse to allow admission to students arriving late for their session, or ask disruptive students to leave. If the affected session is one that contributes to the module assessment, this will, in turn, affect your awarded mark or your ability to “make-up” the missed sessions without re-attendance.

If you fail to attend prescribed classes or submit prescribed course work you may be required to withdraw from your Programme of study in accordance with the University Regulations Governing Student Registration, Attendance and Progress (Regulation 36).